Confessions of a Teenaged Poet – poetry from elementary school, high school to college/university

Not that it matters, but this is a oldest to most recent listing of the posts. the writing varies widely when it was actually written….


Flash Fiction Trilogy

The Last Time (short film script)

Wrap It Up (short film script)

The Feral Now (poem)

Schmooze (short script)

Three Finger Night (a short script how not to)

Share my Umbrella (short script)

Photo Finish (short script)

Spring in the Burbs – a mixed media – words and images poem

Three Lezflirt Poems Writing Poetry

Making the most of Written Exams

Animals are companions and co-inhabitants of earth

Agoraphobic Philosopher – volume 1

The Shut In Shut In Vol 1

Lucy Lawless: Fan Tribulations  – The Flirtation

Life Goes On (A Three Day Novel – written 1996):

Three Day Novel: Post Reply (written 2000)

3 Day Novel (2002) – New World Order

3 Day Novel: Why Do Mannequins Have Nipples?  (late 1990s)

3 Day Novel Contest 2001 – Grace

3 Day Novel Contest 1995 – Rosie’s Red Roses

3 Day Novel: A Tangled Web

Three Day Novel 1998: Harvest Killers

3 day novel contest: Going Postal


The Kiss

Screen to Screen

Dreaming turns day into night

Too Young to Go (Jon-Erik Hexum)

War? What’s It Good for?

Challenge Accepted

Screenplay Sample: Geek World

The state of the state


How Can it be Rush Hour When I’m Still in First Gear?

La Bell Dames sans merci

The Weekender

Riding the Waves

Nina’s Comics

Nina’s Nonsense – the High School Article

Disease and Identity – The Girlfriend’s Vice Versa Award winning article backstory

The original Girlfriends breast cancer spread

Shattering Utopia and other myths

The Day

Mother Nature

my life




Recovery Process Books: Wisdom of the Zen Masters

Treatment: Queer Robin Hood

Upon a Dead Child (circa 1984)

Grendel (1986)

Too Young to Go (Jon-Erik Hexum) – 1984ish?

Hemmingway vs Tryggvason

– Black Coffee by Dennis Hiatt and Nina Tryggvason

TV Made Me…

Screenplay/Horror: Election Night

Screenplay: Coffee

Screenplay: The Weekender

Screenplay: The Lost Countess

Screenplay: Geek World

Screenplay: Beauty and The Geek

Screenplay: Grace

Screenplay: Harvest Killers

Screenplay: Home is not a house

Screenplay: Killer Clique

Screenplay: A Gay In the Life Of

Poetry 2014 There’s No Place Like Storm — Eye Or Edge?

Film & Script Short: Chrysalis

circa 2009

Fragmented Fiction: Found Files


Writer’s Block: Inarticulated Frustration

short story – Nov 9, 2016

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