Disease and Identity

barbara findlay

Girlfriends TOC

bon voyage breasts bye bye bertha dykes in danger

barbara findlay update

barbara findlay is still active in the Vancouver Queer Community last spring 2012, I haven’t chatted with her since then.

Vice Versa Award Winner Best Of Girlfriends


I remember being at a December Nine Coalition meeting with barbara and many others after her recovery from the double surgeries – and thinking about women I have know who have had hysterectomies.

These sorts of life events not only make one feel betrayed by their body, but their gender identity becomes questioned.

How do you feel like a woman when you lack the usual hallmarks of womanhood?


cultural constructs are one thing, physical realities another.


I know I was always more scared of the diabetic tests than any AIDS test I took.


I have been in a number of car accidents over the years, soft tissue and shaken brain concussion injuries.

not being able to parse people’s emotions and tone of voice


I feel like I had a stroke or have dementia sometimes and it scares me

being assured these are not conditions is of little help when the confusion doesn’t go away



but really


I know its’ because I can’t concentrate and focus my thoughts

emotions well and ebb

swell and drain




here comes the rain again

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