The original Girlfriends breast cancer spread

in 1998, I submitted the 2 breast cancer articles to Girlfriends magazine. The timing was perfect  they were planning a whole feature section and this is it. The reprint only included 3 of the original articles.

Girlfriends 1998

it was interesting to compare the layout between the 2 issues, I prefer the 1998 more colourful one.

Doctor is in


Ask Dr Dyke


Dykes in Danger 2 pager


Dyke in danger header


Belinda's Battle




I remember that drug. Save your boobs at the cost of your ovaries.

Honestly, they would never make a drug to prevent prostate cancer that costs the testes.

Cancer and Poverty



Belinda Page


Cancer Biz


Boob tube


breast cancer vs Aids

Dr Susan Love

Cancer Games

so what I remember most from the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective and doing these articles is that:

1. 85% of cancers are environmental and not genetic.

2. living in an industrialized nation increases your probability

3. lifestyle factors  which are nutritionally and exercise related impact your probability – ditto for other risk behaviours, such as cigarette smoking and employment exposure to hazards – amazingly, who you have sex with and what kind of sex does not increase your cancer risk

4. White women have a higher mortality rate from cancer, however, because non-white women have lesser access to medical care in the USA, they are diagnosed later and have the actual higher mortality rate as a result.

5. exno-estrogens from soft plastics  – especially when used to heat food in the microwave – has increased cancer rates – an example would be a margarine tub or any plastic container you can score mark with your thumbnail. This may also be lowering testosterone and sperm counts…..

6. Men are often not diagnosed with breast cancer – the name creates a stigma – so they end up being diagnosed at a later -and often – too late – stage for treatment.


we all have nipples

we need to get over that


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