Shut In Stand Up

A look at life from the POV of an agoraphobic.

Because with Nina – it’s always about the funny; no matter how unsettling the context or disturbing the content.

No matter what. so..

I had my dreams shattered by the person who sold me how to make them true. I even sold it to others. I am not sure how to find that funny, but it’s not really a current issues or even in the parking lot.

I get all the irony, dramatic tension, but I am not seeing that joke being on me or anyone funny. It’s the emotional disconnect, and I have a pretty gallows sense of humour.

Lezzie Bruce, Droll King Lesbian, eh

Shut In Stand Up and Lezzie Bruce

Depending on my mood, how confident that I feel; that I alternate between The Shut In Stand Up and Lezzie Bruce; without notice. I paradigm shift without a clutch.

Trump: a romance better than Twilight

But “Lesbians are Hot”

LotusLand: Vancouver BC

CoffeeWorld: Brazil’s Olympic Circus Act

Fairness and Proportionality, eh?

Rumors are Innuendo, Assumers

Forced OS…The Ultimate Virus?

Understanding Blasphemy 101

Lesbian Assumptions Busted

Custom Tech Service: Call Centerese

The Tool Job

Dear Taylor Swift No words for you

Funny search terms

Swift Mashes Spice Girls and Elvis

A Guide of Manual Handbooks

The Pooh Skull

Barbie: For Girls and Boys

Like Growing Up is a Trap, eh

Lesbian Porn: The Suburban Edition

Coffee Culture and Social Revolutionaries

If it’s your 1st day on the net: The Three Internet Laws and rule 34

The One with all the Penguin Posts

A Question for Christians…      Of Myths and Legends

The Dark side of Barbie

Canada Election: Peter Mansbridge

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

People and Pets are Indistinguishable: Furbabies Rule

North American Holiday: Real Thanksgiving

A Dyke In HeteroBurbia: DIY Retail Adventures

We Have Lost “Phone Voice”

Glasses: Extending the Senses

TTP: The Pacific Rim’s Gateway: Lotusland

Cat Query

Chondria: IF there’s Hypo- is there a Hyper-?

Memeages: the Evolution of a meme: Team A-Holes

Tech Support vs Supportive Tech

Star Trek vs Babylon 5: The Russians

Canadian Humour: Racoon Butter

Elvis is Alive but Paul is Dead?

At the Movies: Ricochet and Rim Shots

What Does “Privacy” Mean Anymore Anyways?

Managment: Pointy Hair Bosses 101

Style Slash Awkward

Oh You mean The Beardless Ones

Canada’s new Meme Sensation: Lying Piece of Shit Man

Meow Meow Harper Meow Meow

Political Optics Watch: Stephen Harper’s Hair

Being a Lesbian in Heteroburbia

Words, Those Words, and The Words One Doesn’t Say

Advanced Internet: Troll Baiting

Primate World: Chimps and Bonobos

How to Play “More Victim than Thou”

I still think Evil Bert is funny

Theraputic Therapy

Spoiler Alert: Life Doesn’t Come with Warning Labels

When Jargon Jumps the Shark

Here Kitty Kitty!

From the Files of Police Squad! Priscilla Presley

Dear Whoopi : Celebrity makes men worse, not better eh?

O is for Obama – Statesman on the Staged World

Dear World: Rambos are the Problem, not the Solution

The Fire Hatrick: Going So Beyond Will

The Cracker Barrel Petition

Is it just me?

Are slugs homeless snails?

If this is not your first day online, this post is not for you

Calgary Stampede: Ironically Iconic

Did I talk Libby Davies Out of The Closet?

Talking with Heterosexuals about The Closet


Monkey See Monkey Do: Constructing the Human Condition: Nurture Nature, eh?

LOLStraights: Did Ted Cruz sing it or not?

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

Canada’s Bicoastal tribute to Lesbians

Free Speech is Not Consequence Free Nor Limited to First

Pig See, Monkey Do?

Promises, Promises

Hey Jerry: try being funny about something.

Understanding the Human Centric Universe

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

Dear Agoraphobic Diary: I am embarrassed to be white.

Who is Canada’s Sarah Palin?

Putting “the joke” INTO historical professional context

TV Concept: Gladiator a go go

The Banana Joke

Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex

Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

Finding the Funny

Greek 101: The Coffee Table Edition

The Limitations of Swear Words

Dried Poacher Testicles Cures AIDs and Everything!

YAY me on the Leaderboard: Bin Laden Points

Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?

Lunchroom Tales! Bacon The Great Divider

Diva Down: The Marketing Gimmick and the Art of the Repackage

When did pedophilia stop being a cultural norm?

GeekWorld Shocker: The Luddite Lashback

Can I haz the Million Dollars now Please?

And in this corner: MAGIC UNDERWEAR Destiny Boy!

dear straight people

Dear Conservative Ladies Against Women

If you could have a choice of lunch guest?

Christian love not beleiveable and their marketing sucks

Lost and Found: The Ark of the Covenant

SpaceWatch: New Shepard – seriously?

Life or a Reasonable Facsimile

CanaDUH! Hockey Hall’er The Ungreat One: Gretzky fukked a puck

Godbot Watch: Kindly Update your “D&D” to “Harry Potter”

Did Ted Cruz, USA Prez-idate, Just volunteer to be Assassinated?

Creative Activist Watch: Manchester England UK!

Tabbing Through the Tabloids: Bruce/Belinda Jenner

Dear Templeton Foundation – about your mission

Gotcha: The Hat Trick

Citizen Kane Spoiler: Rosebud wasn’t the Sled

ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

Godbot Watch: Ken Ham

False Prophet Watch: Dr. Oz was never a medical doctor

Anyone else bored of Affluent Brat-o-Crats?

Gamering: The Tribe 8 RPG

The Canadian Identity Revealed

The Scoundrel Defence Dismantled

WastrelWatch: Michael The Boob, Eh?

Dear Fat White Guys Who All Look and Sound Alike:

PrimateWatch: The Age of the Chimp Dawns

Is it time to restrict Men from the Public Square?

Offense Sensitivity

ReligionWatch: FSM – USA President Obama is a Pirate

Control vs Influence: O Canada, eh?

GlobeWatch: Wot’s New Down Under – ‘Stralia?

The Beasty Slippery Slope Fallacy

Religionwatch: Pizza Bigots Pwn Other Bigots

ElvisWorld: Spring Renews and Reboots

ReligionWatch: Presleytarian Extremist Fringe

Stupid Pride: The Picking On Order

Workforce Adjustments: Charity Burn Out

United States of Ammosexuals vs Canadian Back Bacon

Shut In Stand Up: the grocery store trip

2 Dad Babies: What If…

Dear Sarah Palin: Shouldn’t You be in the Kitchen?

Canada Etiquette: The Three Forbidden Topics

The Do Not Get In-between Scale

LezBurbia: Costco – WTF?

LezFlirt: Prince Not So Charming

celebrity and politics… then and now. eh?

Queen Emma of England has an awesome ring to it


Economics Watch: Canada, eh? Edition

Feb 12, 2015

Public Works – From Antiquity to Eternity

Hey There Bieber Boy

Modernizing Inter-Demographic Hatred

Facebook Facebook

WtF Spammers?

Alt.Medicine: Dried Poacher Testicles cures AIDs

Blogosphere: Irony Metre Explodes

Je Suis Charlie

MusicWorld: Is this Kanye West’s Milli Vanille Moment?

Dear Denmark and Russia: you can suck it

Proof that all that glitters is not gold

is the BC Government trying to get us drunk?

Dear Agoraphobic Diary: Joan Rivers Day

Modesty: Oppressed vs consentual discrimination

Where is Godzilla when we need him?

Places I google mapped before my own address

Queen with a View

Religionwatch: The motivational Industry

Elvis Presley on wellness

Imagine the Horror…

Jokes: Why Humour is Subjective

Safe to laugh at

Dallas and Knots Landing

Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

Houyhnhnms rule

Vikings Score Again

From Nosey Landlady to The Shut In Stand Up

Gagging: The Canadian Hat Trick Joke Structure

The Fit Fat Funk

The Penguin Party

The “too far” Joke

Total Perspective Vortex: Now online

Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

Sports: the Double Smock View

Galley Humour

80s Teenaged Memories

Lezzie Bruce on the NSA

Making Manic Depression Do the Cooking

Blooper Post

Living Well: Party Penguins

Who’s Your Meme Daddy?

Mercy its the revolution and Im in my barhrobe

What is Royal Really?

Bears Bears Bears

Wading in on Megyn Kelly

it’s about safety

Immortalized in Stone

Word of the day: Misanthrope

You tell me

in sight of insight

The Dentist Paradox

The catless crazy cat lady

What do atheists have for brunch?

The banana joke

Reuse, Recyle and Repurpose

The Lesbian Nooner

Nina’s True Tech Support Tales!

Does these mean catalog burnings?

Doing what bears do

Columbus can Suck It

Am I the Only One?

From Ms to Miss

Before Twerking…

The Locker Lure

The only cool Duckface People

Droll King Lesbian

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Sept 5 2013

Lezzie Bruce: Het Vaginas Monolog while Lesbian Vaginas Dialog

Earth = Egg

Welcome to Public Service Appreciation Week

Creature Feature: Homo Sapiens

Connecting to mainstream humour

Honestly: Why are there still straight people?


Happy Elvis Death Day Contest

A Geeky Example

Zietgiest Zaps

File Under: Save Before You Post

How Elvis ruined society

All I hear is Paul Lynde

Haunting words

Coping with Cognitive Dissonance


The Humour Hat Trick


Speed way to silliness

the sharpest edge of funny

Girls Girls Girls

Lezzie Bruce does Rita Rudner

Nurturing Nature – Up Pompeii

Hail Kitty Kitty

America vs Canada: Sex in Politics

Theory of Relatability: Player One seeking Player Two

Humour – it lifts and separates

Lezzie Bruce sez: Royal Families of Europe? I hear banjos

Long Live the King! Lezzie Bruce: Droll King Lesbian


Lez Geek

The Shut In Stand Up Vol 1

Truth is not as subjective as people think

Save the Oceans

Lesbian worship  – Ikea and beyond

Think Geek

Lezzie Bruce on gadgets

Hello? Is this reality

The Wally Way

Internet Dating

Correlation vs Causation

coincidence + correlation = freaking funny

Crazy Cat Lady Life

Life…not unlike a Steve Jackson Find Your own Fate Book

I’d Like to Teach the World: Sustainability

Songs are poems set to music

Hello Kitty

Peter Principle: You will be promoted to the highest level of your incompetence

The secret to comedy is essential painful truth

I think therefore I am, I think…

Introducing Lezzie Bruce

Reality is Subjective

Don’t Talk to Me about Reality

SISU Masochist Meme

Shut In Stand Up – Now available in memes

Amazing Grace

Always Welcome to our house

The Solution Paladin is in

not.just.saying (paranoia)

Anti-Bully Campaign Videos

Seriously Facebook?

Reflections upon a happy childhood

Mental Health and the Creative Arts

unrepentant carnivore turned vegetarian

Cat Problems

Happy Newtonmas

Moving Forward

Crazy Cat Lady

Mass Production or Production of the Masses

Silence is Staying Sweet

Effort over Impact

Live laugh Love

People need to be free

Tryggvason is my people. My name is Nina

User Friendly

Living Well

Agoraphobic Philosopher – 2b or Not 2b – in the big blue room

Quantum Fail

Essential Truth

The Shut In Stand Up

Conspiratorily Yours

Hatrick – Left, Right then straight to the heart of it…

Crazy Cat Lady

Boobquake 2012

I don’t anthropomorphize homo sapiens

Towards Equality

cats and crunchies

Save the date


for the archived original blog:

the  Shut In Stand Up

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