A Question for Christians…

Given the Garden of Eden origin story – how is it that you refuse to live naked and without technology in the wilderness?

Or is that too pagan?

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Druidry in the Hood

Book Review This was one of the most interesting books that I almost finished reading last year. The absolute dry academic tone was just the tonic that my mind needed. The introduction covering the internal politics in British Druidry was … Continue reading

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Stonehenge just got a lot bigger

Researchers reveal that the stonehenge is more than a site, more than stone and wood henge and the silver hill more than the underground complex discovered last year there is a larger henge enclosing even more Huge ritual monument found … Continue reading

herbalist-meme pagan

Vikings vs Christians

The conversion of Vikings to Christendom was a very difference experience than most others who came under the heel of missionaries. Vikings could not be intimidated by swords so they were actually bribed to convert. So, they converted often for … Continue reading

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Civilization: a reboot and re-think

Gobekli Tepe. oldest temple 12,000 years…. predates Stonehenge by 7000 years and is more complex we might have to conclude religion started civilization even predating agriculture, as there is yet to be any evidence of worker’s … Continue reading

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