Managment: Pointy Hair Bosses 101



Mr Pinkley in the Cathy Cartoons was the first pointy hair boss; but the workworld was third to her romance and shopping. Seriously I am not sure why Cathy and Mabel didn’t get married – I am sure they had more panels than Cathy and Irving.

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Dilbert started with his home and work balanced, but eventually, it was work work work where it was funny.. but only.. only it depended on the workplace you had, if you could even put these comics up in your own cubicle…..


User Friendly: the cartoon of geeks and IT people everywhere.

User Friendly: depends on how friendly the user is, eh?


Cartoon Review: Cathy

One of my fave comic series is Cathy by Cathy Guisewite. I was astonished to find this small book of the cartoon before it was syndicated. The difference was amazing. not only in terms of how the character drawings become … Continue reading

The Power of Secretary aka Administrative Assistance

I actually used an underwood in college in the 1990s – and, as much as I have occasionally pined for WordPerfect 5.1+; the only version that was forward compatible with WordPerfect 6 – and 5.1 was such the best ever … Continue reading

The Principled Dilbert to Devolitionism

  The actual reason that I was not and am not convinced that I had the break is because I always understood what was happening the issue was the why words lost all meaning which, to a writer, is terrifying … Continue reading

Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

This 2 season series is based on the newspaper comic strip. Scott Adams was the first stipper to put his email address and do a newsletter. He marketed the hell out of the cartoon. The tv series however was  different … Continue reading

Dilbert: Stimuli & Response vs Responsive Stimula

Scott Adams’ Dilbert cartoon is something I used to enjoy a lot. Sometimes it is too painfully true to be funny and other times that awkward is kinda funny. How we are re-actively versus how we are reflexivly, (reflect or … Continue reading

Nina’s True Tech Support Tales!

Caller: I can’t open the attachment in email. Nina: What program is the attachment in? Caller: I just said it was in email.

User Friendly: conceptualized

“User friendly depends on how friendly the user is.” Nina Tryggvason, computer tech support   I remember home life before computers. I remember the workplace when computers were the dom

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