Lesbian Assumptions Busted

There are a lot of misconceptions about lesbians. About women too for that matter. Conception especially.

nina-gagged-on-stressForbidden Love

  1. Are you a social worker?  

No, but I did work in the Federal Public Service.

Hup Two Washer BluesXtra West social justice

2 How do you Gender Roles when you’re both the same gender?

With Hets it’s $ + Penis as Dom/Sub

with 2 men, it’s $ + Biggest Penis as Dom/Sub

with 2 women, it’s personality over skills variable

the social math depends on the measured variables

Canada Queer Military 1990s The Journey Girl Vs Boy

3. Why can’t you act like everyone else?

when we try to, we get banned and if we don’t we’re damned

so you do the math

why don’t you learn to work and play with others?

Rights are Geographic and Demographicly Depantant Facebook Extra! I went to cover the first Gwen Jacobs march in Vancouver in the early 1990s, and ended up joining and on the national evening news. I was topless, but I put AIDS awareness stickers over my nipples. seriously, never do that. put a barrier down.. removal was less than fun, eh? https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/justice-robes-vs-hoodie/

4. Public vs Private Behaviour – the flaunting complaint

community standards vary by community

and many people don’t like heterosexuals dry humping

in public or thinking they are being more covert than they are.

all humans enjoy sex, enjoy affection and double standards

are discrimination

Idle No MoreApe Love Better than Twilight

5. think of the children!

yes, you need to teach yours to be socially capable

to work and play well with others in the public square and the workplace

divineBoobquake HHP

Lavender Licks: Lesbian Chic

  Canada’s cowpunk kd lang dueted with Classic Rocker Roy Orbison.   lang’s career highlights include a Headline Performance at 2 Canadian Olympics – once when it was in Calagary, Alberta – her home province, and other other in Vancouver … Continue reading

circa 2006Those Who Can

Lesbian Porn: The Suburban Edition

IKEA Catalogue – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKEA_Catalogue First published in Swedish in 1951, the catalogue is considered to be the main … than double the number of Bibles expected to be printed in the same period. Is the IKEA … Continue reading

making a differencewithout apology to Margaret Meed warning: viewing may be distressing, 9/11 content

Lesbians: Are we more interesting?

I think the answer is actually both yes and no. Yes because we are different than other women. No because we are still also women, just not heteronormative. Our self esteem and worth is not tied to the male gaze, … Continue reading

hoodie vs justiceNina and FSM

There Be Lesbians

In Western Nations, daytime television does all the social issues, the family issues, and they do them ad nauseaum over 5 shows a week. Nighttime programs run 1 episode a week over it’s season/series… run of show. So on nighttime … Continue reading

Nina and Canadian War on Queers

6. but but but..

we look like you, like all of you

because queer is part of every human demographic

it is likely a genetic tool to control population

 runs in families where females have high fertility, results in gayness in male offspring

males appear more hardwired, which makes sense, XY is 87.5% of the human genome, females more flexible, all the code in XX.

I wonder if the individuals with the third chromosome are unseparated twins in one body…. XYY…fertilized twice?

the potential for everything is in our genetics (nature) and what limitations we get are environmental (nurture)

whether childhood prepared you to expect thrival or a fight for survival

versus your actual experience of life

7. why are you so social justice environmental focused?

because the majority is not; why aren’t you?

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