False Prophet Watch: Dr. Oz was never a medical doctor

In an interview with NBC news on Thursday, Dr. Mehmet Oz said his TV series, The Dr. Oz…
Dr on health Dr Oz Show WTXF-TV's_The_Dr._Oz_Show_Video_Promo_For_Late_Monday_Afternoon,_September_12,_2011_-_3
He wears doctor clothes. Called himself doctor. Using all kinds of medical iconography and being presented as non-fiction.
With better public schools, it would be more obvious to people this is profits over people.
This is why government regulation is needed to inform the public.
People need to understand that free speech comes with responsibility of speech and that means accountability.
and in a litigation happy country like America
well. Big Media is part of the dumbing down of said public.
no one is as dumb as all of us, eh?
btw Dr Phil isn’t a doctor either. his degree is in sports medicine, and he’s been divorced several times.
I also have no idea where he got off telling women they were fat.
look in the mirror
I don;t know how any snake oil salesperson can look them-self in the eyes
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