Funny search terms

I am not sure who informative search terms are, but they are kinda funny and a rather interesting combination…

  • marie curie lab notes
  • elvis presley bisexual
  • matt dillon kristy mcnichol
  • solar system
  • lily tomlin lesbian
  • vatican catholic primate chimp
  • jerry schilling house that elvis presley bought
  • jennifer aniston as princess leia
  • microscopic germs on hands


  • elvis presley fat
  • david cassidy 1974
  • ashley callingbull burnham


 Miss Universe 2015: Canada eh!

A 25-year-old from Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation has become the first First Nations woman and the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe pageant. Ashley Callingbull, whose married name is Burnham, was crowned the winner in Belarus Saturday night. “I’m really overwhelmed right … Continue reading



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