The Limitations of Swear Words

Swear Words – and this is across all human cultures – arise from body functions, including sex and religion. There is a tabbooness to the shock value.

So in an era where “fuck” is now on par with “you know” and other space holder words and phrases; we are now facing a dearth of swear words

given that body functions are really not dirty or negative or shocking.

makes it hard to do name calling…

Cunt… Twat…. actually those are both too good for you

While the Irish victory for same-sex marriage advocates would keep the pressure on the issue, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has maintained he…
  •  I have to agree, cunts or twats, regardless of what you call them, are useful. wink emoticon
  •  we certainly have a lack of swear words that are not loaded, eh?
fecalman-NEW santorum-frothy-mixture savage1

said the lesbian who wasn’t getting any rights, eh?

the history of invisibility, eh?

Eleanor Roosevelt Speech Human Rights
Eleanor Roosevelt Speech Human Rights – FDR Presidential Library 1948 – Video 309 – Speech by Mrs. E. Roosevelt for a TV Program on Human Rights Day Archival…
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