The Ultimate Dick Joke

Trump’s new faith initiative raises concerns among LGBT advocates


Freedom From Religion

when do we want it?

last century


If you don’t accept God in your life you are lost. I pray that one day God and you will be on good terms.


so, to your omnipotent god needs prayers are like “likes”?

perhaps you should try relationship with reality

and not use applied science to spread bronze godbottery


If the West did not formulate the concept of “one true God” at one point in our development, then it would never have set the stage for the Enlightenment and the scientific concept of “objective truth”. So science is a product of our journey with God.

Science tells us about the world and the God narrative tell us how to interact in that world. There is no conflict between the two. Both are tools for perception of our environment and how to deal with it. To help solve or address the mysteries of life.

Our legal system is formulated from the texts that are held sacred and holy from the Judea-Christian background. Part of our journey with God too.

I pray because it makes me calm and opens my mind up to contemplate issues and answers to my daily life.

God will be there for you if you reach out. If not, that’s ok too.


which god would that be? the abrahmic trilogy has so many versions

and all religions, have the same zero evidence

if your god was real and powerful, why do you have to pray to it?

without Muslims bringing back the greek texts with commentary and arabic numbers to Europe

there would not have been a “the west”


The God concept is a big mystery. How can we put a name on something that is too vast for us to even comprehend?

I’ll pray to God to deliver a vibrator to you, so your not always so uptight and unhappy.

the mystery is that you think your penis is bigand your god confusingwhen, clearly, you’ve confused the two, eh

so, when it doesn’t show up

that puts paid to your god

and demonstrates the efficacy of prayer.


I would suggest this as a solution:
1. Get a piece of letter paper and an envelope.
2. Have your partner write on the letter paper that you are praying for a vibrator.
3. Sign and include your address.
4. Address the letter to Santa Claus at the North Pole.
5. Wake up on December 25 and see what happens.
6. God is full of miracles!

you seem the type to consider burnt bread a miracle

You and your god fail to deliver

so much for your prayers then

and your widdle diddle gawd too

your universe is small ruled by your genital deity




You’re just sad because you can’t sell your god

and your penis is not a solution to anything


You’re just sad because you don’t have a penis!
Take a hike, I can’t stand feminists. Be gone Satan!

Kemwit is 100% right about you! Godless and hateful!


Dear Sock Puppet of Marathon
given what you pray for and worship
your deity is tiny indeed

that you rely on toadies and mobbing
for any validation and thrive on negative attention
as you desperately and constantly seek it

but mostly,

I am sad for you that your clitoris fell out
that you only have a penis to sling about

it’s the smallest way to measure the world

Some biology of sexuality. – NCBI

Sexual differentiation in humans – Wikipedia

Is it true that we’re all females in the womb? – Quora

About Gender: The Developing Embryo – Conception and Development


These tips for ‘ex-gay happiness’ are completely unhinged

“You have to sit and listen to her whine about stupid stuff for hours without laughing or rolling your eyes or getting snarky.”

hey women, there’s a catch, how can he still be single?


If it weren’t for those darned SJW’s telling women they can actually choose their partners, he’d be rolling in pussy.


while he’d rather be doing dicks.

Women are so picky, eh?

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