Dear Whoopi : Celebrity makes men worse, not better eh?

Dear Whoopi Goldberg, I know how hard it can be to understand that people you like do very bad and even criminal things. Stop being a fan and be a menche.

Bing Crosby family beater

Bing Crosby was an alcoholic who beat his kids, once, just before airtime for a Christmas special that was going to be live broadcast.

I LOVE LUCY  (L-R) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. I Love Lucy, produced by Desilu Productions, aired from October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957 on CBS.  Image Source: TV Land © 2008 MTV Networks Entertainment Group, Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(L-R) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
I Love Lucy, produced by Desilu Productions,
aired from October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957 on CBS.
Image Source: TV Land
© 2008 MTV Networks Entertainment Group,
Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lucile Ball almost gave up having a career she pushed so hard for her alcoholic abusive husband to have one on her coattails…..

Rolph In Jail

Rolph Harris is in jail for pedophilia, Gary Glitter and a lot of others, but not enough catholic priests

and even my total fave of all celebs; who is often criticized for how he treated the groupies and golddigers – he never raped any of them: Elvis Presley

There was one time, he was playing pool, it was shown in the 2005 Mini-series, Elvis throws a pool cue – in the tv miniseries, her leg is hit.

In reality, the pool cue hit her in the upper chest and Elvis, without question or hesitation, paid for the hospital bills and other compensation. The Magic of Settlement Agreements is that they hinge on Non-Disclosure.


There was one woman that Elvis Presley raped – his about to be ex-wife Priscilla – after she told him she wanted a divorce, he raped her and then went out and did a concert.

I wonder if that soundboard’s been released?

07BBC5F0000005DC-2902329-image-m-15_1420755189726 dd73 elvis_on_holiday_2 elvis_priscilla PriscillaElvis59 tumblr_mbgnrdRPvh1qzdzwdo1_500


1 false accusation is one thing

2 ??

where is the tipping point for a person who is not on the jury and not in the legal process to go from “possible” to probable cause?

5? 10? but 40?

c’mon – few things are yes or no, zero sum, number numbers contextualize

statistics matter it’s why they count

it is not possibility, but probability that matters, eh?

how do you get to be a host on a show called The View, without having one?

There was on the internet an awesome site called Tiny Url – it was a way to shrink long cumbersome web address not break across lines in an email, render them unclickable.

I created this one

Click to access 060804sdcontsheet.pdf

Live Link

And I think that everyone knows who I am talking about: it connects to the Police Report.

In particular, the words to pay attention to are the phrases that indicate “consistent with details of comparable to” ; “we find associated with” and other phrases – these are not “police guesses and hunches” – these are specific legal technical language and are not technicalities people. They are phrases that confirming a known checklist of factors (the crime scene checklist).

It was devastating to me, when the Toronto Police in Canada revealed that on their checklist was science fiction geeky stuff particularly related to Star Trek. I used to have a lot of geeky het guy pals.. all those lesbro posts. all the conventions.. it’s chilling considering that in Organized SciFandom, most women were molested there in comparable ratio to the Queer community.

Adults who own toys that attract children are the new “want some candy” classic to the Modern Celebrity Lure since the late 1960s of “Wanna be a Celebrity” insert Model, Actor/ get into my van and I will take you to my photo studio.

I once read a paper report left in a boardroom and ironically that was how the Beast of BC deal got leaked to the press.

It said that the average pedophile molests 250 over their “career”.

Let me explain how that is arrived at – you add up all the pedophiles and then you add up the number of events and you divide.

So the bulk of Predators with the least number of victims would be your “family incest”, who have few victims over a potential lifespan.

Then, you’d get your serial stranger – who/whatever they can access ; at the bottom the serial dating the single women with kids, up to your snatch and grabs, B&E serial stalkers up to murders, who tend to have shorter “careers” – being sensational and disorganized.

Then, you get your professional predators who work where they have access and have systemic protection. Team coaches, Community Mentors up to the real pros – Educators, Medicators and The Religious.

The people in positions of public trust; who create the system and maintain it.

In fact – the entire security industry from Military to Para-Civilian Military to Community Policing and the Medical Profession are often where the most successful of serial murders base their operations.

Dexter, a popular tv show and book series capitalized on this very Batman revenge fantasy. I was just able to finish watching the series with my Mom – and haven’t processed it for reviewing yet. – note to self for future post

Then “people” pretends to be shocked when – omg – all of a demographic confirms the same story? oh hand wringing and crocodile tears – how can that possibly be?

all the education and work experience and still you don’t get to be considered an expert

loud opinion is not as valid as professional analysis, “people”

weeeeeeeeeeeeell. law is one thing and actual life is reality. Experiences, aggregated is how we arrive at knowledge. So we don’t have to keep relying on hindsight, eh?

Save Your Fork There's Pie

Now, I have the kind of memory where I remember everything that I know, but I can no longer remember where or how I know it.

This makes it very difficult for me to interact with people, because even when I can answer, it takes me a while to figure out if I can.

Anyway, Clifford Oleson, the Beast of BC tried to lure me when I was 12 with helping him with a model of a ship that he, as an adult found difficult.

I was a newspaper kid, so I knew, but also, I wasn’t ever about to walk off with a stranger.

My Parent’s next door neighbour – his son, my age, also escaped Olson employing the same tactic that I did – “I have to ask my Mother.”

For some reason, invoking Mothers makes serial predators terrified.

Well, I know the reason: it’s why “Tell me about your mother” is the first question therapists ask everyone.

They never expect my answer, “She’s great, how was your’s?”

It makes them miss question two, which is the Daddy Issue. To which, I have the same answer.

You know what kind of parents I had? The kind that don’t send their children off for weekends with unrelated strangers that they are not friends with.

When I told my parents what my aunt’s boyfriend said to me and my little sister when I was three made my Dad turn the car around and we went back to my Grandparents house where it had just happened 5 hours earlier.

He said to play a game and that it started with taking off clothes and there was no game that I had ever played that started that way.

So I told him that we were not playing, we were going back to the house and if he didn’t let us, I would start screaming.

That man had had a strange look on his face I had never seen before and it made me feel cold not warm.

But when I said I would scream, he got scared and turned white. I’d never seen that on tv or movies.

Then he flushed red and could not backpedal away fast enough.

Kewl. I’d never scared a grown up before. How easy was that?

I took my younger sister by the hand and we walked from around the corner of the barn across the drive to the house and I sat in the corner and tried to understand what had happened.

I heard everyone saying how weird it was I was so quiet, but no one asked me anything until we were in the car driving home.

I never saw that look again until I was 12 and walked out of the model shop on the main drag of Sapperton New Westminster, 1979. There was an ice cream shop and a blue collar grocery store chain, which has now been converted into 3 gourmet stores. LOL new west. seriously, do a  50s makeover. not the out of date faux swisseurovillage high end strip mall

Not that I would have gone with any stranger – but that was how I really knew to get away from the Beast of BC.

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