Tabbing Through the Tabloids: Bruce/Belinda Jenner

1381270466_bruce-jenner-kris-jenner-467 bruce-jenner-star krisjennerstar_edited-1 Wheaties Bruce

Bruce Jenner – olympian, married Elvis’ Girlfriend Linda Thompson then went onto to patriarch the iconic tabloidian nadir of American culture – the Kardashians.

I am starting to think that the biggest problem is actually leisure time – without anything external to focus on or being engaged in society

people collapse inward and get very twisted indeed

I think I liked us better when we were more open and clear. audience wise.

word words changing words to phrases, as if it makes it different

Freak Shows a side to main attraction.

Personally, I am not interested in a man trying to tell me how to be a woman.

I liked it better when people were private and not making all their dirty laundry into tv shows that encourage people towards this appalling and selfish behaviour.

I don’t see this as any kind of positive for the queer community to have this republican seeking fame, long after any earned attention has waned.

To An Athlete Dying Young – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To An Athlete Dying Young” is a poem in A.E. Housman’s A Shropshire Lad (1896). It is perhaps one of the most well-known poems pertaining to early death; …

I think it’s funnier that Republican is more repulsive than transgender

During Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is transgender, he dropped a bombshell on America yesterday. Jenner identified himself as a…
It’s a big weekend for reality TV stars offering revelations. Hot on the heels of last night’s episode of 20/20 in which Keeping Up With The…
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