About A Girl, Disrupted



To bring curious compassion to public dialog and to show our commonalities with humour, across what divides us – those grounds that secular democracies prohibit discrimination in law but take far longer and deeper changes to bring about non-discrimination and equality in fact.

Curious Compassion

Nina Tryggvason writes edgy character driven dramas which expose the seductive line between mainstream/fringe.

Vancouver’s Most Famous Unproduced Screenwriter – Facebook Fanclub

The Shut In Stand Up

Agoraphobic Philosopher

The last word in lonesome is me

Grrrl Geeks

Note to Self/Re: visibility

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

Being Understood: Priceless

Call and Answer or Beck and Call Girl?

OSH to the blogroll!

The Teenaged Poet

Living Well: Party Penguins

Depression as a brain injury

The “I had a happy childhood” meme

Writing vs Writers

Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

Trigger Content: A controlled cathartic release…with an 80s Beat

Bloggersville Syndrome

Places I google mapped before my own address

Today was Nora Day

Real vs Digital Real

The Blogabout Post

Being an Over-experienced community volunteer…

Reception: How May I help you?



welcome to C-51 world – Nina K Tryggvason

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