Literally being able to read

Literacy is something that was still a social issue in the 1970s in Canada and America. Adults who were successful by the usual measures were unable to read even a menu in a restaurant.

When I went to school in the 1970s, few of the children could already read or write at all, but by the 1990s, almost all children are exposed to mixed and multi media that requires being able to understand images, text, formats, sounds and videos.

There have been a few Elvis Presley books that I have read that I have looked forward to read a particular person’s perspective – Nick Adams, Linda Thompson, Ginger Alden the holdouts.

Joyce Bova, June Juanico and Anita Wood adult discovered romances – forgotten or unknown when Elvis died in 1977. Priscilla doing her book in the mid 1980s.

Anyway, Ginger Alden, the last Elvis galpal released her book and ended up having her husband die on August 16 2014. Creepy Coincidence.

Linda Thompson’s pals Jeanne Dumas Lemay released her own book about the Elvis time, and Linda’s own story is also Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and Canada’s David Foster, along with her own Grammy songwriting career.

Despite that, and I have only managed the first 70 or so pages.. so I am unsure why that Gladys Love Presley could not read or even write her own name is the biggest surprise.

1933_bigPresleys 1943

Usually, when children go to school, they often teach what they learn in the first generation. Vernon had I think grade three and I shouldn’t be surprised that Gladys would not have had even that.

Certainly, that made her anxiety of not being pretty or slim enough to be The Famous Elvis’ Mother.

When asked for her autograph, Gladys would take the item and go into the house and have a young relative sign her name for her.

Elvis and Gladys

Elvis Presley is possibility the most famous Mama’s Boy.

Her diet pills was were his own pill habit began and became expert user in the USA military.

Image result for linda thompson elvis book

As for the sex stuff, and the drug stories, not the first time, but it’s time to really put Elvis actions into the context of manic depression, chronic depression and then major depression.

Elvis Presley was successful by all things measured in numbers, it was the quality and credibility that eluded him. his image overriding everything.

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