Lezflirt 201

Lezflirt 201: Game On

Is She Flirty or Friendly?

Flirting with Lesbian Cops

A Short Story of unrequited hungering desire… a comedy, eh?




To Thine Own Self, Be True: Part 1


To Thine Own Self, Be True: Part 2

Options/Possibility, eh? That’s what it’s always about…

Favorite Lesbian Songs

Favorite Lesbian Movies and TV Show

Lesbian Comedy

Het Vaginas Monolog; Lesbian Vaginas Dialog

Little Ms. Sunshine

Bi’s and Gals

Looking for True Love and conversation

Online Flirting: Lesbian Like Me Files

hatched, Matched, dispatched

Renaissance Dyke likes movies and walks on the beach…

Learn to Flirt for Valentine’s Day

The Romance of Kissing and the Science of Sex

TV is as TV Does

Writing Poetry

Lez Geek

Looney for Lucy

One Ape To mimick them all

Lezflirt: Connecting to others via media: Elvis Edition

 SexWorld: Elvis Presley

Lezflirt: Hot For Teachers

Lezflirt: The Broster

Lezflirt ElvisStyle: Penny Banner: Girl Wrestler

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