Sub-Blog Featurette: LezFlirt International

WWWaaaay back in the 1990s, I joined a lesbian social club – yes as hard as that is to imagine, there was once a group called “ABOL” – A bunch of Lesbians, that met once a week at the Queer Centre on Bute and Davie.

2 things arose from this group – the short lived Vancouver Chapter of the Lesbian Avengers, we even had a meeting with the Seattle Chapter!

Second, was the Lesbian Flirt Debate – at one of the ABOL sessions, I debated another dyke over flirting style.

She liked to what she called “stealth flirt” – which was to basically stand in a corner and never actually talk to anyone.

So, we agreed to a debate, and 35 women showed up from mid 20s to late 50s.

the other gal, chickened out – but I had come prepared – I had written my flirt debate out as a handbook and included a number of copies of articles I had photocopied from various lesbian magazines and there were no on-line resources for flirting.

Anyway, I turned that into a consciousness raising session and posed a question and did a round robin, and I flirted with each and every woman in the room- as they spoke. the 1 hour ran into 3 and when the centre closed, me and 15 of the women went to – it’s now a Denny’s but in the 1990s Gay Village before the Business Association – it was a gay owned burger place.

From there, I had the article I’d written published in a short lived Vancouver Community magazine called Lezzie Smut – I had written it with some comedy and the editors changed it to a slightly more serious tone and I also had some poems and short stories in a few of the early editions.

I then turned the material into a Web 1.0 Freebe site and ended up with about a quarter million hits over that site and half of those from the US Military.

I ended up, being a correspondent with a few women of military rank and several more young gals away from home at university.

so, all of that, and then some expansions became on of my early blogs and is now a subblog on this blog.

LezFlirt International

I am not a trained counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist.

I am a dyke with strong opinions, practical experience with the subject matter and a peculiar sense of humour.

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1. a measure of one’s desirability

2. how fuckable one is


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links to original blog:

Cruise of Death


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