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There’s no “gay” in Gilmore

Originally posted on Shack's Advocate:
I love Gilmore Girls and have been a loyal fan for years. I have seen every episode at least twice and find comfort in the small New England town that so resembles my own.…

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Fricken Fracking Freaking Fireworks

Blam! Squeal! pop pop pop. 7:30 hand held mostly, the sky wasn’t yet dark enough 8:30 lighter rain, bright cloud cover and gloomey skies Squeals Blam! Squeal! pop pop pop. In the Hollytree in the back yard, birds huddled deep … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley – Halloween Thoughts

Elvis Presley was famous for buying up huge amounts of fireworks and having roman candle fights with his buddies. It was an up-tempo song called “That’s All Right, Mama”, an old blues number by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup. “All of … Continue reading

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Atheism is Happiness

Religion today, myth tomorrow. The solution is education. Biology does not disprove any religion: Anthropology does.

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BBC poll: 40% of Brits don’t believe that “Jesus was a real person,” but BBC assumes he was!

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
The link to this BBC article came from reader Ant, and when I first read it I think I completely misinterpreted it. Here it is in its entirety, along with the headline (emphasis is the…

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Seasonal Fireworks – Fun and Games Until…

Halloween 2015 – it’s raining and there’s already been more fireworks than trick or treators. Fireworks are a controversial topic and while they are a legal product, they are banned by most by-laws. This is a rather patchwork and ineffective … Continue reading

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Inflamatory News – October 31, 2015

Singer joked about deadly Romania nightclub fire before realizing the danger Another Fireworks show at a concert has resulted in deaths. Some years ago, there was an American club, where the pyrotechnics of the show set fire to the venue … Continue reading

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