Rules of Writering

Writer Stats

Nina’s reel

  • approx 500 poems and song lyrics,
  • newspaper articles (news, entertainment, features, Op/Ed – community to major dailies)
  • 9/10 Letters to the Editor – Major Dailies –  published
  • almost a dozen short scripts
  • handful of short stories
  • 9 three day novel contest entries
  • 16 feature scripts, 2 with co-writers
  • reviewed over 300 spec scripts spanning three peer review websites
  • too many press releases, newsletters, web page content to list
  • too many Briefing Notes, Reports, Memos, Correspondence, Powerpoint Presentations, Oral Presentations, Written Submissions, to list..and actually can’t…

Graphic Design to Social Media Cred

Retail Print shop Graphic Designer and Copy Jockey – Highest Expert Level: Complex International Legal Matters

Social Activist – Media and Marketing campaigns spanning print to internet

Content Provider – created a half dozen Web 1.0 HTML pages, moderator for the First Weekend Club forum, Recovery Process spanned 5 blogs compressed into 1 blog, manages 5 fan clubs on facebook and is creating 2 online free interrelated but modular stand alone workshops for self esteem, wellness and social adjustment.

Production Experience

Television – Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

Experience: sound, lighting, cameras, chyron graphics, editing.

Vancouver Film School – Filmmaking level one, class 16, 1992.

Lavender Productions:

– Chrysalis – Self Produced short film

– Breast Implant Conference – Vancouver Women’s Health Collective – UBC Hospital produced documentation of the event – filmed and edited.

Other Experience


  • news, arts, features and community beat – Xtra! West and Angles (also News Editor…)
  • Arts Article – Surrey Leader
  • Op Ed – Vancouver Sun
  • news, photography, arts reviews at the student papers of Simon Fraser University, Kwantlen College and Sardis Secondary School.

Disc Jockey – SFU’s Campus Station – then called CJOR

Acting Classes and performances through High School and into University

Technical Theatre – university

Choir from elementary school through High School. Now a just in the shower or in the car sort of thing.

Nina’s Rules of Writer-ing

  1. Writing is not talking about what you will write.
  2. Writing is for an audience, Journaling is for yourself.
  3. It’s better to be an unproduced writer than an unproductive one.
  4. When you write IT, it’s yours, when you sell IT, it’s theirs.
  5. To be sell-able, it can’t be about you, it must be about the audience.
  6. Understand the Demographics of your Audiences: Fan Core, Friends of Fans, General Punters, the Indifferent to the Hostile.

A blogdex of fiction blogs – short stories or short scripts, or anything to do with writing.

About Writing: Advice, Book/Movie/TV Reviews and Marketing Box Set Reviews – packaging fandom. Reviews & Entertaining Cultural Essays

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RIP: Glen Larson the man who coined “frak”

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CanCon: Public Speaking


Xenafied: Understanding Subtext

Star Trekking Mental Health

Book Review: FSM Gospel

80s SciFi: V from miniseries to series and reboot

Elvis in TV Land

Impactful Films: Kramer vs Kramer

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Bloggersville Syndrome

Book Review: Elvis, Hank and Me

The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

Writerverse: Blogging

History Channel’s Lost Worlds

Writers Coinage – Bi-WORD-ual

Writer Coinage: Predophile

Elvis Flicks: Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis Flicks: Elvis Has Left the Building

Presley Pictures: Lonesome Cowboy

Hot Docs: Elvis The Alpha/Omega Performer

Presley Picture: Performing Elvis

Presley Pictures: Speed Racer

Presley Pictures: The Military Movies

Presley Pictures: The 50s Four 

Writer Chat: Marketing and branding with Rhonwen Derbez

Vicki Wagner says: Watch This

The Calisphere: Cali T Rossen Fanclub newsletter vol 1

Gagging: The Canadian Hat Trick Joke Structure

The “I had a happy childhood” meme

Writering Coinage: Sublavent

Dime Novels vs Penny Dreadfuls

Pointed Review: Phenomenon

Rules of Writering: Script Readings

“Cryability” the ability and the inspiration relation recognition

Happy Feet: the most subversive children’s movie ever?

Raw RomCom Recovery Movies: All About Steve

GamerGoodness: Lords of the Realm

Changing Genres

SciFiVerse: The funny side of fandom: V

Recovery Process Book Spotlight: Alison Arngrim

Rebecca: The original Flashdance and Pretty Women

Those 70s Shows

Living Well: Party Penguins

Xena fandom

English as a dynamic language

Creating Characters and worlds

From Nina’s Nonsense to Heathers

Raw Recovery ShowVerse: Xena The Warrior Princess

Movie Review: History of the World, Part 1

SciFiVerse: 1970s Battlestar Galactica

Viewing in the New Year

Raw Recovery Books: A Romanov Fantasy

Glee: the Original Ending was Ballad of a Teenage Queen?

Life Lessons from a Movie About Life

the hour of tv that could save your life

Crystalized Catharsis

The Celluloid of Subtext

Beowulf: represent

The Canadian War on Queers

Servants to the Cause

Remembering Aimee and Jaguar

ElvisWorld: Books to look out for

RoW: Is it a Feature or an MOW

Word of the Day: Affluenza

Recovery Process Books: Wisdom of the Zen Masters

Rock & Tony vs Elvis & Bill

Recovery Process TV shows: Dexter

Meet 3 of the great apes

Recovery Movies: the revenge factor

One of these days – right to the moon!

Recovery Movies: The PhantomTollboth

British Culture

ElvisWorld! Singer Present Elvis aka The Comeback Special

Word of the day: Misanthrope

Gamer Goodness: The Fallout Franchise

Science Fiction and other truths

The Most Magical Movie Moment

Invinsible Indivisable

Who is King DJ?

Dwarfers and Smegheads

Muriel’s Wedding

Bad Dreams and a Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Nina reads Anna

Making A Difference


A nod to the father of blogging: Samuel Pepys

MZB’s Warrior Woman

The reality of real

Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock

Writering Coinage: Godbot

The Mormon underside of Battlestar Galactica

Star Trek: The Future Is Inclusive – the Secret Scientology of Star Trek

Drac Actors

Folk Tales are about folks.

Our Daily Elvis: Glasses – characters with an inner Elvis

A Halloween Screening: Mad Monster Party

Rules of Writering: Sex Scenes

If I could coffee with anyone: Albert Brooks

Nina Reads! The Trials of Lenny Bruce

three of 13 things that do not make sense

Touched by Love

The Last Starfighter 25th anniversary edition

The Reluctant Swordsman

For the Non/Conspirationally Inclined, both at the same time?

From Commercial to sitcom: Cavemen

Am I the Only One?

X-Men: From Magneto to Storm

Earth’s Children… because we all are, eh?

Domestic Divaspirations: Peg Bracken

Particular Particles: The Metaness of Comparative Comedy

Showgirls…..hey… it was only $5

Shattering Utopia and other myths

Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

The Boy Who Dared to Rock

Review: Make the Yuletide Gay

The art of the sale

Nina’s Comics

The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Raw Recovery Movie Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

Cartoon Review: Cathy

RHPS: 15thversay Box Set Comparison

The Language of Lobbyists

When Night is Falling: The Box Set

Recovery Movie Review: Pirate Radio

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Nina Reads! At Home On The Stroll

Viking Women

The Thing about Comfort Zones

The Star Trek Verse Noteable: 40 years ago today

Selected Reading: Housebroken by Leona Gom

Because awkward is not seductive – The Social Lessons of Dr Horrible


Doc Pitch: SNIP

Life is about the watering hole

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Movie Review: Help

Fraggle Rock: A World View

What Art Therapy Does

Clan of the Cave Bear

Good Grief – documentary proposal package

TV Review: Dark Ages

The Weekender – working with actors – tips for writers

Iconic Sitcoms: The Conformist Overtext

Iconic Sitcoms: The Difference

Twilight to Midnight

Words, words everywhere, and not a one to think

Wisdom from the Great Bard

Book Review: A Romanov Fantasy

Role Models: Uncle Gus

The Cost of Perfection

Book Series Reverie: Spellsinger

Seeing Rightly

Raw Recovery Movie Feature: The King’s Speech

Book Review: Boomer – The Railroad Memoirs of Linda Niemann

Movie Recovery Review: Julie and Julia

Writing What You Know About

The Family Tree has many branches

The Creative Process

Covers and Alternatives

Movie Review: Williard

Nina’s Rules of Writering: SAY IT

John Truby on why most screenwriters fail

Originals vs Reboots: Battlestar Galactica – with Robert Peate

Nina’s Collary to Poe’s Law

Today’s Word: -Ebos; variations: Pla- and No-

One Story in three Contexts

Change Yourself, Change the World

Rules of Writering: Represent

My Fave Movie Duo x Three – Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Paul – bonus feature: Fido

Recovery Reviews

Teaching and Lessons

Writering: Crafting Your Treatment

The Importance of Family – inspiration and impact

Happy Feet – the most subversive movie ever?

The Story Telling Process – starting with a concept

A trilogy of young reader book recommendations

The Piano: personal power in an impersonal world

Recovery Process: Relatable Movies – writing techniques

Imagination extends the limits of reality – supernatural rom coms lighter side

Review: Broken Blossoms

Elvis World.. books and Biopics

Putting it out to the universe – The Stockard Channing Show

Douglas Adams and Towel Day

Recovery Process Movie Spotlight: Bridesmaids

Black Adder Christmas Special Reversals

Elvis and Priscilla

Druidry in the Hood

Elvis in the Movies

Somewhere in Time – romance and femmes

Being There – Cold War Classics and Kid Flicks

Making new friends: Afternoon Flick Picks: Geek Guys

Afternoon Flick Picks: Grrl Power

Humour Hatrick: The set up, the reveal, the reversal

TV and Movies: the last common framework

Watching fave actors challenges

Elvis on BluRay: Love Me Tender

Bodice Ripper 101 to Chick Lit 201 to Supernatural Rom Coms 301

Stories Re-Told – Presley Pictures: Frankie and Johnny

Meaningful Movies

Now Playing! Movie Matinee Recommendations

The power of multiculturalism

From draft to post

TV Villiany – V’s Diana

Kissing Jessica Stein

Villains are a matter of perspective

Beach Movies and Driftwood

Rainbow Connections

The only constant is IDIC

Any TV show can make an impact

Life: the cycle of famine and feast

Docutainment: Playing in Possibility

Scripts: from inspiration to final draft

Movie Review: Juno

Movie Magic is mostly casting

Humour – it lifts and separates

Life: any way you slice it, there’s something funny

Viewing the World Through a Particular World View: POV

Journeys are about the discovery process

April 12 – Thoughts about writing, researching…

Developing Television Shows

Call and Reply

Vamp Views: Forever Knight

Elvis In Books

Humour: it’s about dividing the audience

ubermensch: overcoming packs, prides and herds – understanding social structure/individual relationships to create a show-verse

Space Cowboys

Horror from imagined to experienced

Everything old is renewed again the new 10 commandments of screenwriting

Making the most of Written Exams

Writing Poetry

writing what you know – Truth is not as subjective as people think

Myths vs fact checking

The evolution of television sexuality

Possibility is what makes dreams into reality


Story telling vs pitching your stories

The Importance of Understanding your fan base – the hard to the soft

Be about the funny

Dreaming in colour  – reviews – Veronica Mars and The Closer

TV is as TV Does

From Vampyre to Vampire to Vamps

What the heck is “CanCon” anyway?

Getting to the heart of the story

Epic tales that sweep one’s feet


From Script to Screen: Step 1 The Script

Outrageous Strategies for Success

the secret to humour is being funny

The Elvis Formula Travelog

Movie Review: Love Me Tender

The Elvis Picture – sub category – social injustice

Hope Struggle and Change  – conspiracy theories, public image and creating/manipulating them

Movie Review: Change of Habit

The Story of Sagas

Three Day Novel Contest – Experimental Novel – the Found Format

One Day at a Time – RIP Bonnie Franklin   – tv sitcoms comparibles

telling stories that tell

Getting the story right

Shaggy Dog Stories

the problems of “slice of life stories”

CanCon! Canadian Films and Industry

Writers and Audience – book covers and market niche pulp novels

Elvis in Hollywood

Truth is stranger than fiction

On Being a Film Buff

Ultimate Public Domain: Folk Tales

Rating Codes

writers are outside observers

The secret to comedy is essential painful truth

Finding Your Inner Voice

Renaissance Dyke likes movies and walks on the beach…

Developing Character

Story Sources  books to movies

Why be normal?

Sex: the source of our power and insecurities

Inquisitive Minds vs Inquisition Minds


inside the writer’s studio

Review: Gilmore Girls and characters who create self adversity Is surviving really a measure of strength?

On writing

Every Artist’s Dream

Writer Considerations about Biographical movies This is Elvis

Understanding World Realities: new vs old – for script world research and character concepts

writers should be engaged Outside Observers

writers and words

Beauty and Humour stem from pain

Knowing from experience or statistics

Writers write what they know

Believing, don’t know what to – overused dialog

writers and rejection

re-thinking sitcoms

Creating a sitcom by Chuck Lorre

To Thine Own Self … Be

Moments are snapshots of emotional beats

The greatest speech never made

religion vs culture (research and presentation tips)

Vikings are restless

Book Review: The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!

Sir Robinson TED Talk – Education and Creativity

Movie Review: Star Vehicles – Olivia Newton John & John Travolta – Two of a Kind

Story Telling vs Telling Stories

Eye of the beholder

Across the Universe

Mental Health and the Creative Arts

Punctuation is Powerful

The Most Famous Hoax of All – War of the Worlds Broadcast

Thinking Modes

Hope Struggle then Change

Because Tomorrow is another Day

Moving Forward

Writing for the screen

Because you can’t make up this kind of dialog

from Verse to Worse

Online Writer Groups: The Screenplayers

Outside Observers

Tryggvason is my people. My name is Nina

Blogging:  Pampheterring 2.0

Make it Epic

Advance your entertainment industry career – Flash Forward Institute

Geek Culture – Scifi/Fantasy Fandom – mash ups, crossovers, slash

Last “Nina’s Garden” Post

Dyke Writer

Smut – Sexuality, Censorship, Subtext and Pop  Psychology

If I could be Like Xena

Your book will change the world

A Year of Book Reviews

Art Therapy, Creativity and Recovery (Living Well)

Don’t Just Dream It, Be It

Writing Sex Scenes

Creative Perspective: writing what you know or experience (Living Well)

Dreams are aspirations

Lesbian Movies – Cultural Connectedness (Living Well: Second Chances and to the Next Chapter

Queer Sensibilities – Queer Literati

Slash Fan Fiction (Lezflirt)

Screen Writing for Hollywood

Remembering Lavender Productions

Writing Concept-: Subtext is about knowing your segmented audience

Screenwriting 101

filmmaking and screen writing books-and-resources

Peer Review Websites – how people behave puts on context on their credibility

Where do you get your ideas from? Life and In Memorium: Debbie Knowlton-Taylor

Writing for multi-level audiences – insiders and punters

Screenwriting and Hollywood

Wordsmything (Shut In Stand Up)

Nina’s Rules of Writering – Subtext

Nina’s Rules of Writering – Comedy and Humour

Federation Rules

Nina’s Rules of Writering

Xena Season Six

Xena Season Five

Xena: Season Four

Xena: Season Three Review

Curious Compassion

Vampire Love

Xena: Season Two

Xena: Season Two

Xena and Gabrielle

Unique Arena with Universal Appeal

Dear George Lucas

Three Day Novel Writing Tips n Tricks

Learning from Movies

Selected Writings by Nina Tryggvason

Confessions of a Teenaged Poet – Blog collection of approximately 500 poems – High School to College era

Shut In Stand Up – current day comedy writing

Lez Flirt – An ongoing manual and workshop to teach people how to flirt. Lezflirt Workshop 1994 through incarnations as a manual, a humour essay in Lezzie Smut (Vancouver lesbian porn magazine) then a website under Web 1.0 and re-imaged as a blog in Web 2.0, where Lezflirt 101, now includes 201, 301 and 401 level courses. All free and online.

Living Well – a sub blog of Nina’s Garden that is essay and information pertaining to health and well being pertaining to the individual experience of existence, rather than the more collective global view reflected on this main blog, Nina’s Garden.

Short Film Scripts

TV Made Me…


Queer Robin Hood

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    Vikings are clever & hot.


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