Wild Wild West was Steampunk

The Wild West is about the Western Frontier, while the movie The Wild Wild West was Victorian Steampunk on the Wild West Frontier. The Steampunk West really. it it the problem of market niches being marketed more broadly than their appeal or far under it.

Wild West movie posterNina Deadlands Marshal Screen

It also coincided with the release of a RPG – role playing game called Deadlands. The movie was the game’s first module, so it was with some surprise that I watched the movie,  the weekend after I first played that game.

It followed the release of Denzel Washington starring in Shakespeare as just another player in a cast of stars, all equal as above the line so below the line.

PhiledelphiaMuch Ado about Racismray-movie-poster-2004-1020253834

Will Smith was a rapper comedy actor, who does action and emotion on an Oscar scale.

large_gqCUdm7lWbFgSzewW3pgKAJvUhj ecbb6a64bf1f37c81e5f0f456274f51ci-robot-5254b9dd48379

Starring in movies and Star Vehicle movies

i-amp-039-m-legend_o_1389317 hancockp3can-a-robot-write-a-symphony

Camelot: Only in Canada, eh?

MV5BMTQ5MDcyODU0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTgxNjA0MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_superman_iiiEddie Murphy Raw

Positive Politics? Only in Canada eh?


Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

Rent_movie_posterAlt Ending LegendWhy we laugh_

Does discrimination lead to becoming a terrorist?

Long Walk Home large_wnUuYc9XnWrTTAGz8YjjULA3ZmrCorinna Corinna

Modesty: Oppressed vs consentual discrimination


Gamerworld: Sexism and other discrimination


i-robotmatrix what if ai meme i-am-legend-movie-poster-2007-1020406185

The Social Cost of Discrimination is Communities


Ending Discriminationism

Chris-Rockshovel shit Mel Gibsonanytime_i_hear_celebs_talk_about_gun_control_540

Star Wars Fans and Discrimination


Thank You Star Wars Fans

For taking the crazy lead away from the Trekkies/Trekkers. geeks change the world in many ways and that leadership – behind the scenes as it is is sometimes influenced by social attitudes after all the reason that we assumes that … Continue reading

crap... I've dropped into Dorkdom.....Vulcan concentration

to be fair to Star Wars fans, Star Trek fans lost their minds at a number of ST:Voyager, including the new Vulcan character…..

God Hates JediJedi Guy



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