The Lesbian Charmed Reboot

‘Charmed’ reboot will feature a lesbian witch in the new trio

As a Charmed fan, I’ll admit to be leery of the reboot. Why is the original cast being shut out? Although, I don’t think that the original Charmed series had any LGBT characters.


nope. it did not.

Charmed was in the Buffy/Angel and Xena Warrior Princess era though

Friends had more queer content and characters with continuing story lines.

If you want to see a great women show watch CW’s Supergirl. Supergirl’s sister came out as lesbian in S2 and it is by far one of the greatest characters. My favorite on-screen couple of all-time is Willow & Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

That said I would be PISSED if they were to reboot Buffy as I am very weary of reboots these days especially when they treat OUR community as a marketing “gimmick” like the shitty Heathers reboot.

I honestly wish they made fresh shows and the LGBTQ characters were natural and not a gimmick to scream “We are progressive!”


Indeed, we’ve been victims and vampires; murderers and suicides, the butch who lets the femme return to the heteroworld; coming out, over and over again,

sizzling repression across the Puritan decades Victorian, the 1950s
taking too long to lesbian on the silver screen and mini-series

Xena Warrior Princess, Buffy’s Willow, and the The L Word and Queer as Folk american programs were queers being as bad as heteros; the British Queer as Folk was excellent but the lesbian characters had less screen time/story lines

Will and Grace has a blended cast with the series returning and the one actually queer actor is only now able to be out.

in the Buffy comic books, Buffy ends up in bed with another Slayer.

shows made for heteros to learn to tolerate and include us

are not actually for or about us.

All the Xena Posts so Far

The character Mel Pruitt is described as “a strong-willed feminist” in her mid-twenties who “feels deeply and is a bit controlling,” and is a lesbian.

feminist is the theory, lesbian the practice

Why did they choose to have the lesbian character be the violent one?

because the mainstream continues to only be able to cope with stereotypes that make them feel secure

lazy writing mostly

it also means she’ll have magic control issues, impulse control.


True, so many people think that all of us simply hate men, and that just ain’t the case. Heck, two of my best friends are guys. I just don’t happen to be attracted to them. *shrugs*

“Heck, two of my best friends are guys.” uh-huh. I believe that like the way you said, “Heck, one of my best friends has a friend who’s black.”


says the troll with only sock puppets for friends


most of my friends over the years have been straight geek guys too,

I call them Lesbros because they can be friends without expecting eventual benefits.

Guys are less drama than Girls,

Gay Guy pals are good too, they have to put up with a lot from fag hags but most straight women seem to be able to just be friends too

that male vs female inequality of rights impairs friendships

it’s really too bad that so many people don’t like the type of person they are supposed to love, eh?

I am Canadian and I don’t like hockey either. stereotypes exist for a reason, but people are more than sums of demographics.

BuffyVerse: Robin Wood

Buffyverse: Willow Rosenberg

TV Franchise: Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel the Vamp with a Soul


Try again.


says the troll with only sock puppets for friends


Well done!


Thank you very kindly.

That literal vs literary line is always fun for cunning linguists, eh.




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