Pirate Cove: Elvis Bootleg LPs

Elvis’ Greatest Shit: the 1980s Bootleg that mocked RCA while becoming something of fan collectible.

It copied RCA design with a National Enquirer overlay on the cover and put advertisements for other offerings: including Elvis and Nixon the Duet Album, Elvis in the Shower, Elvis assorted burps and farts and Dead on Stage August 17, 1977.

The day that Elvis Presley lay in state for the grieving fans who managed to cope with a killer heat wave and some jerkwad who drove into the crowd and killed 2 teenaged girls.

Teen Angels who went with Elvis? I can’t believe no one did a tribute country song fund raiser for the family – wait – this was 1977, when there where 3 networks only to watch and 2 lead with the Elvis is dead story and 1 put a tacky dead rock star dies at the end of the news and was ended in the ratings.

Elvis Presley broke network television.

included the mashup – on the verve of the 1980s Heavy Metal ending Punk and the rise of Rap, soon to split between coasts and morph into hip hop.

It also included a “copy” of a Dr Nick Prescription and if you were lucky, you got a color vinyl or more likely the black one.

It had outtakes of the worst movie songs he did and all the tracks that Elvis didn’t want released.

Do the Clambake … Elvis remixes – I as able to find it on the part of Vancouver that used to be Record Ally Row, because all the Big Chains and the Owner/Operator stores operated side by side, each selling to a totally different market niche – Seymour and Smithe, one used to have a Beatles Free tour of memorablilia. He had a cardboard cutout of Gene Simmons of KISS in the display window, and waited years to sell it to a fan willing to pay $2,000 for a piece of cardboard.

You can get a printer that will print that of yourself for cheaper now. weird. when objects become downloadable, the factory produces becomes the artifact of art.


Elvis Presley spent 2 years in the army and recorded a selection of songs with Jazz and blues – building on the Dixieland and Jazz he did for King Creole and the alternative versions are way better than the movie ones.

Tempo and style – instruments.

But, GI Blues, the soundtrack to the romantic comedy with Juliette Prowse, German Star and Sinatra’s Girl.. Elvis was such a hound dog… outsold the Elvis is Back actual album.

Soundtracks were in and the few sessions RCA could get that were not sound tracks, Elvis found the song selection little better from those productions where he had little or no choice.


Col Parker contracted for numbers of albums and singles and soundtracks were an easy LP or EP. Elvis went to Hollywood and played in Vegas, then he worked in Vegas and whistlestop toured the same city circuits, another airport and another back alley with dumpsters before the penthouse.


In the 1960s, Elvis tried to prove he could sing to the critics of the 1950s, his fans would follow him as long as he called to them and the mistake was mostly marketing Elvis to women and forgetting about the male fans.

Elvis would record personal albums and they are his gospel records. His only grammy wins and how cheated are we that he didn’t attend the awards ceremony – RCA brought awards to him so his life was spent being handed awards, what he lacked was challenges. Everything he did, he got paid the top money for and he dominated the charts.

Then. he didn’t. then he reinvented himself on TV and broke it in 1968 and then again in 1973.

Elvis Presley could book a session in any studio he wanted and with any group from the ones he chose to bring on stage with him to build an act around him, where the back up groups had a performance, instead  of the local gong show that performed ahead of him when he got to headline in the 50s, working his way from the bottom of the bill to the top.

Stax, American, The Wrecking Crew – other stars of the year or the decade cancelled their bookings so Elvis could stroll in with his personal equipment.

1969 – Roy Hamilton and Elvis Presley – today on a cell phone you can create a drop ready single: then: Color was the new thing

Bootleggers did what the fans wanted and it took a while for RCA – and Joan Deary to create the Legendary Performer releases and they learned that there was not a scrap of tape they couldn’t sell.
Monologue_LP_F300[1]newsdesk-thumb1438774525elvis if i can dream album cover high res

bootlegs of specific concerts because of rare songs or monologs vs Elvis digitally ghosted onto a new music layer, exactly what he hated.

Elvis Presley – only 100,000 LP sets ever, and then no more! then: Cds.

Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley



Elvis: Complete Masters v Album Collection

given the Ed Sullivan show DVD official release, we are owed the Dorsey Brothers – seeing Elvis from the terrified youth to the professional performer and the Milton Berle and they can put the horrifying steve allen as a free bonus.

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ElvisWorld: Canada Fever

K.d._lang_-_Shadowland kdlang-mos-lp

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Elvis Presley invented Christian Rock

Elvis: Greatest Global Gold

001910321b1b277f4c81fafa8f255a6d.500x490x1 album-kd-lang-Reintarnation

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