ComicBooks: Warlock 5


I am a comic book geek. Funnily enough in that way, I take after my Mom – she had Classics Illustrated. I say had because they are in my comic book box. bwhahahaha.

I used to prefer the indie and ideally Canadian artists and Warlock 5 was pretty cool. I am going to re-read them and I noticed something when I sorted them out last night.


Warlocks balance gates and whoever wins determines the future of humans, Punk Goth Anarchist, Medieval Warlord, Nosferatu, Mechanoids and Witches

I have Warlock 5 from 1 to 22, but there are 2 different ones numbered 5 and I am unsure if I missed number 9 or they skipped it and then, I have a Warlock 5 book 2 issues 1 through 7   (there is a number 9!)

I have no idea how these mini-pop looking versions under another imprint Sirius, relate or not. I just found these image searching for actual warlock 5 info


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5 Responses to ComicBooks: Warlock 5

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Have you read Halo Jones?


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