Sarcasm vs Scarcasm: understanding C-chasm



Snide and Sullen do not a Sarcasm make

Scarcasm, yes, teasing is abuse and it compounds into bullying.

Sarcasm is misanthropy proved in lyrical observation, which lifts and dashes

The Joke has many parts, the set up, the twist and the punchline, but it also

has that other dimension of Speaker, audience and who is in on it, who it is about and who gets it, how and when.

The skill is not in the spewing, but the seeking of target ICBM precision

but delivers such a blow that no response is possible

but only to deserving targets of note.

teasing, insulting, joking, punking…

Of States that Matter, there are 3

The Universe: Parsley Sage Rosemary and


Science: Multi-Disiplanetary Big Light Show Bang Theory



Rolling Stone Gold JerryRS691

There is nothing funny about disparaging groups of people there is nothing truthful in it, but an admission of bullying and bystanders uncomfortable laughs do not a comedy act make.

MultiGeneration Workplaces

jokes that invite laughing at the speaker, not laughing at others

Multi-Culturalism: Tourists vs Locals

laughing, at or with, includes or excludes

MultiCulturalism: Is It Time to stop pretending

Fame is as fleeting, opinions, are as assholes, everyone’s got them

Multiculturalism is undermined by Religion


there needs to be a truth, not just observational commentary




My favorite Racist Jokes


What Do White People eat for breakfast?

Eggs, bacon and toast with coffee.


How many white people does it take to change a light bulb?



What do you get, when you play Country and Western Backwards?

You get your job back, your wife back, your kids back and your dog is still alive.


What do you get, when you play New Age Music backwards?

(easy answer)  New Age Music

(smart answer) The B-side.


and my ultimate favorite racist joke:


How do you know when a white person is in the shower?

They get out to pee.

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