Power and Perception: engendered

The power went off this morning. It was strange when the electrical sounds just stopped.

The power returned, with the hums and a flicker of lights.

in between old fashioned reading, reflected rather than directed light.

Public Infrastructure vs Private Sector…people vs profits…governance…people not prophets

Saudi arms deal heads to court in test over Dion’s authority: Government lawyers say Dion has power to authorize exports even if there is a risk of human-rights abuses, with lawsuit to block shipments to be heard in Federal Court on Monday and Tuesday
Saudi arms deal heads to court in test over Dion’s authority
Saudi arms deal heads to court in test over Dion’s authority
Male Poster #1

Saudi Arabia is financing the UN Isis terrorist’s… How fitting this barbarian wannabe regime is head of human rights abuses in the corrupt UN…is Dion also part of this corruption ?

Nina Tryggvason
this was started under the previous government. and end bill c-51, eh
Male Poster #2

+Nina Tryggvason the Liberals were trying to broaden surveillance and lawful access capabilities long before Harper. C-51 is just another in many years of attempts to make it easy for the government to do surveillance and compel disclosure.

PrivCom commentary in 2005 (PM was Martin) on the lawful access consultation paper released in 2002 (PM was Chrétien):

Nina Tryggvason
Bill C-51 is Harper Era and was a needless expansion on the Canada Secret Act. Bill C-51 prevents me from further commenting.
Male Poster #2

+Nina Tryggvason I know exactly what C-51 is. My point is that it is another attempt in a long-running strategy by both ruling federal parties with a sitting PM in over a decade.

Whether or not PM Trudeau changes anything about that strategy is TBD. Until a bill becomes law, it is largely theoretical.

Nina Tryggvason

bill -c51 was part of an Omnibus that Harper rammed through. does it apply to you? because it does apply to me, which means I cannot participate in this conversation.

I think I watch too many British movies….recognise that from “Love Actually.” Hugh Grant played the PM who told off a bully US President.
Bernie is the Man.
Trump is the shadow and the myth. Bernie is the substance and the reality.

The Democrat’s Sexism played into it and it’s time men admitted that eh?

Your explanation omits several paragraphs…
Very ‘Republican.’

Republicans are anti-everyone. My comment was about the Democrats and was a complete commentary.
This is about holding men who claim to be the good guys to being so, not deflecting to the others who are worse.
Toronto Star

Gunman who shot Russian ambassador to Turkey was a policeman

Toronto Star  – ‎50 minutes ago‎
Andrei Karlov was making a speech at a photo exhibition when a man dressed in a suit reportedly shouted ‘Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!

Trump off to a strong start in Electoral College

CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News  – ‎1 hour ago‎
WASHINGTON — Donald Trump started racking up electoral votes Monday even as anti-Trump protesters across the country tried to persuade the Electoral College to prevent him from winning the White House.

The electoral college is thwarting our ability to battle global warming

Washington Post  – ‎4 hours ago‎
Who (you might ask) is David Brearley? Brearley plays a critical, and entirely accidental, role in climate change because of his position as the chair of the Committee on Postponed Parts within the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
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3 Responses to Power and Perception: engendered

  1. dykewriter says:

    Google Extra

    Brandi B.

    +Nina Tryggvason excellent point. I am convinced that Calvinism is a rotting disease on the soul. Raising a child in such an environment is a recipe for mental illness and personality disorders. 

    Nina Tryggvason

    it’s the moderates who give the extremists that veneer of social credibility and why people have a hard time breaking out of those logic loops and circles of their poor education and emotionalism.


  2. dykewriter says:

    Google Extra 2: too Funny

    gigi Ryan
    I think everyone is missing the point, marijuana is natural..god given plant..it needs nothing, no additives no processing to help people. I truly doubt that god would put something so healing on this planet here for us if it was a something wrong.

    Nina Tryggvason
    yes, you missed the point of religion being unnatural and mental illness.

    gigi Ryan
    your are certainly entitled to your opinion. But religion as mental illness is a stretch, most definitely not unnatural. But good day

    Nina Tryggvason
    proving why beliefs are the problem,when reality is objective.


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