Hot Docs: Elvis The Alpha/Omega Performer

Elvis is the first and last entertainer that the whole world did or could ever agree on.

Elvis’ movie career ended by being the subject of two documentaries


That’s the Way It Is

A concert tour and behind the scenes.

They could have filmed the Madison Square garden and done the whole show around that historic performance – instead we get the tour around that event.

There have been several edits and endless version still exist, given the hours of film done and most is available through various means online.


Elvis On Tour

Ditto for Elvis on Tour in terms of theatre, VHS, tv versions and eventually DVD and Blu ray versions.


Lucky the bootleggers provide what the powers that be hoard.


Elvis attempted to be a producer of a karate film – The Gladiators – and this is what they managed to film:

Quasi Elvis …


This is Elvis

When I saw this in the theatrical run, the woman in front of me began to wail, keen, howl and throw herself around in her seat during the footage of the funeral procession.

I was stunned at the outburst, it’s not like it was a spoiler. It was the 80s.


Neither of my parents were Elvis fans.

I looked to my Mom, who was crying softly, I was used to her crying at movies.



I cried too.


The only other movie I had cried in at that time, was Somewhere in Time.

Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour….



if Elvis taught us anything, it’s that there is no bottom to some markets

Elvis taught the entertainment industry about endless repackaging of product.


They didn’t actually exploit him with the long term view, but as a short term fad.


the joke ends up being on them, eh?


see also:

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