Moving Movies: Queen Latifah Does Bessie

Why aren’t there any women performer bio-pics in the movie theatres?

The official website for Bessie on HBO, featuring videos, images, synopsis, and schedule information.
While the world rightfully celebrates Ava DuVernay’s skills with Selma, we might want to stay tuned to director Dee Rees too. The creative force…|By Hillary Crosley Coker
HBO’s film on blues singer Bessie Smith starring Queen Latifah will premiere on May 16.
On-screen love scenes, gay or straight, should not be a matter of controversy, according to Queen Latifah. Latifah spoke with BET about a…
Queen Latifah has opened up about filming lesbian sex scenes for a biopic.
Queen Latifah is serving some serious “when you’re good to Mama” realness in her upcoming film bio of legendary blues singer Bessie Smith….
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