Dear Bear Family Records: Sissyman Blues

Noises by Nina the DJ

When I was a DJ on Simon Fraser University’s student campus radio, in the 1990s, I often played a cd called “Sissyman Blues”. It was a collection of 1920s and 30s American Black Lesbians and Gay Men.

CJIV DJ show board

I was been unable to find anything online about this cd and the only record that I even have of it is because I cassette recorded most of my radio broadcasts.


Can you shed any light or point me to a collection?


I vaugle recall that there was a woman singer and the song used the slang of the time


“would anyone here like to try my cabbage?”


Nina's DJ Days Cassette Archive


I do have a number of cassettes of my radio shows where the songs are included and one show, I did play the entire album so I could tape it.


Funny I used to do theme shows – once doing a show of only songs with the word “baby” in the title – what a mix of genres that was!


and another I interviewed a Canadian Punk Band called Little Green Men on the day the Shuffle Demons played the campus. So it was an interview with a band for the radio and then photos for the paper of the concert!


making the best of the college experience, eh?



later in community volunteering – I did an interview with Canadian writer David Watmough on his 20th novel.


and I recorded the Vancouver Show of the final Texas US Lesbian Folk Band – Two Nice Girls.


Newsie Nina - David Watmough Interview Two Nice Girls Vancovuer Concert cassette


updated 2016

Sissy Man Blues: 25 Authentic Straight & Gay Blues & Jazz Vocals

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