Personal Presley

These Elvis Presley posts are about Elvis the human, his family and those closest to him, friends and foes.

And Elvis Presley posts about Health and Flirting

What is Royal Really?

Surreal Memories: Elvis’ Memphis Mafia

The Presleys: Vernon & Gladys and Elvis


Literally being able to read: Gladys Presley

Our Daily Elvis: from bullied weirdo to King

Elvisworld: One of the Short Haired Bullies

Elvis World: Remembering Gladys Love Presley

ElvisWorld: Vernon Elvis Presley

Elvis On Childhood Dreams

ElvisWorld: The Most Famous Haircut of the 20th century

MusicWorld: Elvis the Haunted

The Presleys 2: Elvis and Priscilla with Lisa

Elvisworld: Priscilla is his ex-wife – not his widow

Our Daily Elvis – It’s Midnight the Listen Cilla Version

Happy 45th Birthday, Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis and Lisa Marie

Elvis and Priscilla

Elvisworld: From Government Projects to the Big Man House

Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

ElvisWorld: The Stanleys: Presley 3 Vernon’s second family

book_burk_tupeloyears 200px-ElvisandGladysbook


Lezflirting with Elvis Presley

Elvis Girlfriends: Alicia Kerwin

ElvisWorld Girlfriends: Elizabeth Stefaniak

Lezflirt: Elvis and Linda Thompson

Lezflirt: Elvis and Ann Margaret

ElvisWorld: Mike Stone

Book Review: Elvis & Ginger

Elvis Girlfriends: Dixie Locke

Elvis Girlfriends: Ann Margaret

Elvis World: Love Children to Fake Children

ElvisWorld: The Women’s Books

Elvis and Peter Parker – Love Child?

Love Child – The Presley Paternity Case

Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

SexWorld: Elvis Presley

The Hayride and Elvis & June

ElvisWorld: Anita Wood

ElvisWorld: Where the King Once Slept…

ElvisWorld: Sex, Fantasies and Marriage

ElvisWorld: Girlfriends – Joyce Bova

Who should the king have married?

LezFlirt Romances: Elvis and The Beauty Queen!

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash

ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

Presley Pictures: Elvis between a Good and a Bad Girl Threeway

The Heart Beats: Lust, Love, Loss

ElvisWorld: The Elvis Offspring

Rockworld: Elvis’ Burning Love vs Chuck’s Ding-A-Ling

ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

Symbols of Authority: Hobby or Fetish

Elvis Showmances

Elvis: A Unisex Role Model

ElvisWorld: Barbara Leigh


Elvis Presley’s Graceland – Charities and Causes

ElvisWorld: Memphis Police

ElvisWorld: Presley Raquetball Courts

Elvis Presley to Elvis Presley Enterprises

ElvisWorld: Graceland Goes Blue for Autism

ElvisWorld: Plush Toys are always needed

ElvisWorld: Pink Shirt Day

Elvis on social wrongs and politics

The Human Side – Elvis and charity – role modelling

Musical Gates (Graceland)


Elvis Presley – Health and Wellbeing

ElvisWorld: Presley Raquetball Courts

Books: Death of Elvis

ElvisWorld: Fit to Fat in American Fashion

With Broken Hearts, Walk a Mile in my Shoes

The Image is One Thing, The Human Being Another

HealthWatch: Celebrites and For Profit Medical Treatments

ElvisWorld: Karate and Eastern Mind/Body Mastery

RacismWorld: Elvis in Texas

Elvis World – Depression is as Depression Does

Comfort Foods: Elvis Presley Banana Puddings

ElvisWorld: The Exploitation Never Ends

Depression: Personal Grooming and Care Taking

Elvis the metrosexual fashionista

Elvis and food

Elvis’ Impersonal Life

Getting the Monkey off your Back

Depression – symptoms and side effects – The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Was Elvis Presley REALLY A Black Belt?

Elvis the First Metrosexual

Is it good to be the king? (Living Well)

Cooking with Elvis

Elvis was the First Metrosexual

Elvisworld: Was Elvis agoraphobic?

Elvis – Alone in Despair

Elvis and Suicide/Murder

Uneasy lays the head that wears a crown

Calling Elvis

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation 

EarthWorld: Elvis and Aliens

Elvis and drugs

The Elvis Cover Up – 20/20 and hindsight

August 15, 1977 The Last Elvis photo

Elvis’ Banana Pudding


The Presley Posse aka The Memphis Mafia

Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia

ElvisWorld: Marty Lacker

ElvisWorld: Richard Davis

Elvis World: Jerry Schilling

Managing with Monkeys – Elvis and Lamar Fike

Elvis’ Little Sister Dies -RIP Patti Parry

RIP Sheila Ryan

Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

Elvis and Sonny West

Elvis and Red West

Elvisverse: Elvis and Lamar Fike

Elvisverse: Elvis and Charlie Hodge

Elvisverse: Elvis and Larry Geller

ElvisWorld: Science Fiction

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