Elvis and Sony West

Nina with Sonny West Books

In today’s daily Elvis, it’s the anniversary of Sonny’s wedding and one of the oddest Elvis images ever:

Elvis with flashlight

Apparently Elvis never heard of not upstaging the bride on her wedding day.

Sonny West was the younger cousin of Red West.

He joined the Memphis Mafia in the early 60s and he was famously fired in 1976.

I often hear Dave Hebler’s voice in my head, from the press conference following the publication of The BodyGuard Book and Elvis’ death a few weeks later.

How do you save a man from himself?

The bodyguard book was the first biography of Elvis that I read.

In that expose tradition, the Stanley Family – Dee and her boys – first outing was Elvis We Love You Tender – which Dee promised would make the Bodyguard book look like a kindergarden reader.

Albert Goldman’s Elvis followed and the mold for Elvis writing devolved into love child claimaints.

Sad given the Jerry Hopkins bio start.

At least now with Susan Doll and other cultural historians, we can actually put Elvis into context.

The later Sonny West Taking Care of Business was an even and reasonable take

Sonny and Red, along with Marty Lacker, are the only members of the Memphis Mafia that I have any respect for

unlike the others who either blow Elvis or blow themselves in their books

these guys had and have the insight to be aware of their own role and part

of the American Dream turned Nightmare

There was a cover up about Elvis’ death. it didn’t last long and it was just that Elvis died in bed.

because seriously

no man as macho and ego sensitive as Elvis

would fake his death on the bathroom floor

the king did not die on the throne

just in the throne room, eh?

Google extra

Elvis and the Beatles Elvis and the Beatles 2

Sonny;s taking care of business is the first time I ever saw these photos and seeing them in colour on the net is cooler

Elvis meets The Beatles!

Hi Marty,
I would like to know if after The Beatles met Elvis in 1965, did he ever meet any of them again? I have heard both Ringo & George visited him backstage in the 70’s. Is this accurate and were they pleasant meetings? Also after the 1965 meeting, they appeared on Ed Sullivan about a month later. Did he catch that show? Thanks
John C.

Ringo and George did meet him backstage during one of his concerts but he never met all 4 of them again. However a few of us would visit them at the houses they were staying at in L.A. in the next couple of years and they acted as if they were thrilled that we showed up. That includes when four of us went to see them the next day after they met Elvis.

Thanks for keeping his memory alive and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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13 Responses to Elvis and Sony West

  1. dykewriter says:

    Nina notes:

    The BOdyguard book was penned by Australiam Steven Dunleavy, a tabloid journalist working for Rupert Murdoch

    who is also responsible for the Elvis in his coffin photo

    Red, Sonny and Dave were taken advantage of in some ways and exploited


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  12. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on Our Daily Elvis and commented:

    Give us this Day, December 28, Our Daily Elvis

    Updated for 2017



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