Elvis Girlfriends: Dixie Locke

Dixie Locke was the only girlfriend Elvis had pre-fame that he put effort into courting her – once he was famous, the girls flocked to him and where vetted by his various Memphis Mafia inner circle.


While Elvis missed a show to take her to her prom, Dixie realized the happy home she imagined having was not going to happen with a singer – his constant touring and all those girls girls girls; maybe if he’d been the electrician…

Col Parker didn’t want Elvis with a serious girlfriend and Elvis both dated multiple women as well as Hollywood publicity dating.

Dixie is often represented in Elvis biopics, his first girlfriend and in a way, also his last in that they met and flirted with each other: an actual courtship-afterwards Elvis never got over his insecurity or the golddigger blues.

June Juanico was his next serious girlfriend, Elvis and she discussed marriage – but Parker discouraged Elvis to marry early in his career. Had to keep the fan dream of being the one, alive.

Anita Wood, a Memphis celebrity lived in Graceland with him, as would Priscilla and Linda Thompson but not Ginger Alden, his last actual girlfriend, she held out for marriage.

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On Give Us Our Daily Elvis:

Romances: Dixie Locke

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  4. Isabelle F. Brucher, Legal, Finance, Marketing & HRM Translator, NL, EN, ES, DE >FR since 2004. says:

    Hello, Nina! Are you sure the picture is that of Dixie Locke? She has such a broad, generous smile, normally! I don’t recognize her at all… Thank you. Have a nice week-end.

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  5. Isabelle F. Brucher, Legal, Finance, Marketing & HRM Translator, NL, EN, ES, DE >FR since 2004. says:

    Which kissing one? Are we talking about this blog page? I see 3 videos and 2 pictures. I was talking about the picture on the right hand side, of course. Someone else on Twitter also confused her (Dixie Locke) with a 1953 (!) classmate who was at the Class ’53 pre-graduation picnic a few days before June 3 (graduation day). The girls all had the same kind of hairstyles and dresses, of course: they followed the same 1950s fashion.


  6. Isabelle F. Brucher, Legal, Finance, Marketing & HRM Translator, NL, EN, ES, DE >FR since 2004. says:

    I was talking about the black & white picture just under the first video. I had not clicked on the links leading to other pages.

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