LezFlirt Romances: Elvis and The Beauty Queen!

Lezflirt Popcorn Flix!

Don Johnson is best known for unshaven cop Sonny Crocket with the pet alligator named Elvis – but before he was that – he was Elvis!

along with Remmington Steele’s Stephanie Zimbalist!

it seemed oddly fitting that the Show was a Women Detective who invented a male figurehead to be overshadowed by….in the show and outside of it….

Linda Thompson hasn’t actually written an Elvis book – she was in on this movie I am sure – the closest we have is by her pal pal another Miss State Winner who didn’t get to date Elvis, but she did work as a secretary for Vernon Presley.

It’s from her book we finally get a good look inside Elvis’ bedroom

Elvis enjoyed primary bright colours and the décor of Graceland changed over the years with it’s occupants, but Graceland is truly the first Man Cave.

suk it MTV Cribs


Linda was Miss Tennessee and she was Elvis’ primary gal for 5 years, including a 1 year every day together level of faithful that Elvis never had with any other woman.

Elvis had a mommy/wife inversion complex and Linda was best able to navigate that over any other woman he dated.


well – now let’s take a look at the popcorn flick actors from the 80s!

my fave Don Johnson movie is the post-apocalyptic

A Boy and his Dog

Director L.Q. Jones’ adaptation of Harlon Ellison’s A Boy And His Dog. Don Johnson stars as the post-apocalyptic boy with a talking dog who scavenges for foo…

Miami Vice made police sexy in a way we hadn’t seen since Starsky and Hutch in the 70s

The famous Jan Hammer’s song “Miami Vice Theme”

Stephanie Zimbalist is a second generation Hollywood performer and her best known work is Remington Steele


Full theme from “Remington Steele” by Henry Mancini
 It was certainly one of the oddest fan-show combinations.

2 leads who hated each other and fans (and show concept) demanding that they didn’t

CLIPS courtesy of: eaz35173
Here;’s Don and Stephanie – as Elvis and Linda!
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