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When the 1977 bodyguard book was published, one of the most sensational stories was the opening sequence of Elvis ranting about wanting to kill Mike Stone, “the man Priscilla left him for.”

The event happened on Feb 19, 1973, the day after he’d fought off what turned out to be over enthused male fans trying to get onstage.

Elvis fans at that Feb 18, 1973 concert got to see Elvis sing, kiss girls and then karate fight some guys, a Presley Picture Production Live on Stage. Elvis was used to guys hanging around after shows to take a swing at him, it’s why he would hired off duty local cops and eventually had his own ring of people inside of that protective layer.

You have to consider, this was a month plus a couple days after the Aloha Satellite show and Elvis Presley, had had to crash diet – he dropped 30 pounds and even went off the drugs for 2 weeks building up to the show, and the next day, instead of seeing the sights of the island with Linda Thompson and his gang of pals, Elvis took a lot of pills and crashed on the balcony in the sunshine to take his own trip.

Drugs distort your perception by dulling pain, speeding you up or slowing you way down, and Elvis Presley, by the 1970s had a new bible and it was the Pharmacist Guide to Drugs.

6a534f920e078b59e0629194313f7388 Pris and Stone 70s Stone and Pris

Elvis got paranoid and thought that Mike Stone, a karate champ that Elvis pushed Priscilla to take lessons from while he was off hound dogging.

Elvis Fans during his lifetime have never forgiven her for marrying him yet are outraged that she divorced him – blaming her for his death; which is unfair.

Mike Stone remained unharmed by Elvis and while he left his wife for Priscilla, she ultimately left him as well, and while she did later marry and have a second family – a son, she reverted to her Presley name, which she’s used for her own celebrity, contrary to her divorce agreement, which also caused Elvis to sell his catalog to RCA. what a tangle of consequences and financial implications, eh?

I think that all marriages should require a pre-nuptial, so you know where you stand when things end and you know the consequences, and people unwilling to sign one, shouldn’t be allowed to get married, because it’s all contract law that is chattel and covers the kids.

Marriage confers kinship, whereas civil unions or lessor status do not although they do approximate some of the responsibilties, it’s not romantic, but that is a rather new requirement and expectation of the institution and is about governance and not religious-community participation. Churches being more a scenic backdrop for wedding photos.

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