American Snowflakes vs Glandbots


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I thought more like a two-fister with Jim Beam and rum fifths

Homer Simpson driving drunk – very funny

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On a true piece of s***

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just in case anyone is unclear on that it’s not so much the beer in his hands in this analogy, but the number of cases of beer involved.


So, as a Canadian, I am unsure how this American “snowflake” insult works, because, what kind of snow we talking? there’s flakes and there’s clumps, eh and Snowflakes All Fall In One of 35 Different Shapes

Column crystals.
Plane crystals.
Combination of column & plane crystals.
Aggregation of snow crystals.
Rimed snow crystals.
Germs of ice crystals.
Irregular snow particles.
Other solid precipitation.

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+Nina K Tryggvason who cares! I’ll stick with cocksuckers, motherfucker, cunts, dicks……ECT! ( you can see where I’m going here right?)

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+Nina K Tryggvason I had to type them out so my voice-to-text wouldn’t put astrix in there

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+Steven Henry yes, rude n crude, it’s part of the American social problem.

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+Steven Henry ” who cares!” your words.
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