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What is Closer to Thee and not Thou, eh

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago oil companies filled that top cemetery for the last decades. people tend to have more emotion about more recent events than past and with a stronger reaction to whatever is closer to their own experience. and … Continue reading

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Trump, when not a Bridge Term

as in the card game nor the builder of type. Manuel Santiago5 hours ago “He’s An IDIOT”: Trump SLANDERS Hurricane Survivors Calling Them “Drug Dealers” – YouTubeTrump SLANDERS Hurricane Survivors calling them “bad gang members” and “bad drug dealers”. People … Continue reading

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framework and proofs. eh

Onno Singularity21 hours ago Looked up an article referring to the same study, basically more research needed, but inclination might be present in the genes. Same things have been found in many other psychological/biological studies, up to and including mental … Continue reading

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the queer community Vancouver 1990s

the 1990s was when the queer communities began to be represented in the mainstream and becoming more intersectional. not only did the Vancouver Angles paper change from “gay and lesbian” to include bisexual and finally transgender. from lesbigay to the … Continue reading

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Hannah Gadsby: Now I don’t have to

I just watch this many people tell me that I should do stand up, and I said no, me with a microphone is too dangerous, and now that I have seen Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette show, I do not have to. … Continue reading

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Dyke March Vancouver BC Canada 2019

Dyke March – Wikipedia Vancouver Dyke March and Festival organizers honour WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre for commitment to inclusivity | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly“WAVAW’s ongoing advocacy and inclusion of trans, queer and non-binary folks in … Continue reading

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Expressions and changes to reality

“a penny for your thoughts” since pennies are not cost effective most nations don;t have them as currency anymore and ideas alone are not deemed to have value so thoughts…. in the modern era a hit counter for your thoughts?

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