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when old posts get commented upon

because essays are evergreen links, eh,. what blogs were before they became online magazines. History and current events are rife with examples of one dominate religion or ethnic group stomping on the necks of a minority religion or ethnic group … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Canadian, eh

: Angles and Xtra West Vancouver LGBTQ2 newspapers or back then “gay and lesbian” until bisexuals were not supposed to be deemed tourists and transgender inclusive community, which now needs to add asexuals and frankly kinky heterosexuals. we need more … Continue reading

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whiney zero sum projecting men who individually groupthink

nina tryggvasonshared apostGeneral Conversations,Debates,Religion & Politicsan hour ago nina tryggvasonLGBTQ2an hour ago if a person is questioning if other people should have rights, how is that actually a question? that is oppression. and doing rights wrong. at some point. people … Continue reading

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Opinions vs Expert Analysis

The impact of this post, depends on the reader knowing which one I am. A person with a blog about my personal view or an expert with professional experience. Personal vs Professional Opinions Posted on January 11, 2017 Subject Matters to Experts: … Continue reading

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the crotch crux of it, eh

Alex Blue14 hours ago @nina tryggvasonYes, heterosexuals have done atrocities towards us, but we can still teach them about compassion. We’ve been hated for centuries; but someone needs to put an end to hatred of us; therefore we LGBTQ people … Continue reading

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Tourists Lesbian holidaymakers flocking to Halifax for the Gentleman Jack experience – Examiner LiveThe show has turned Halifax into a top tourist Alan Robinson-Orr3 hours ago Hard to imagine Halifax as a tourist destination. 8 Replies nina tryggvason – Owneran … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley: Sexual Predator

Originally posted on Our Daily Elvis:
I have been an Elvis Presley fan since childhood and am two weeks older than Lisa Marie Presley…. when I played the Elvis Masters Collection I was disturbed to learn “don’t” was the secular…

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