Elvis Presley: Sexual Predator

Our Daily Elvis

I have been an Elvis Presley fan since childhood and am two weeks older than Lisa Marie Presley…. when I played the Elvis Masters Collection I was disturbed to learn “don’t” was the secular song recorded during the 1957 christmas album and the sacred to the profane is very much processed in the same part of the brain, eh.


Don’t: The Date Rape Song | Our Daily ElvisDon’t Don’t, don’t, that’s what you sayEach time that I hold you this wayWhen I feel like this and I want to kiss youBaby, don’t say don’tDon’t, don&…ourdailyelvis.wordpress.com

Elvis is not above commentary and now the movie is not needed for the discussion.https://popculture.com/country-music/2019/11/10/lisa-marie-presley-fears-elvis-biopic-face-backlash-me-too-era/

Lisa Marie Presley Reportedly Fears Elvis Biopic Will Face ‘Backlash’ in ‘Me Too’ EraLisa Marie Presley is reportedly concerned that Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming film about her father, the late Elvis Presley, might meet backlash in light…

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