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Because I have a stutter: Authenticity

Authenticity Posted on July 7, 2011 What does it mean to be authentic in a world lacking in meaning and purpose? To feel wounded suggests that there’s still a remnant of meaning, otherwise, pain would have no meaning, serve … Continue reading

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Raw Recovery Books: A Romanov Fantasy

Anna Anderson was a figure of some interest in my teenaged years of ponderings. She was in fact a factory worker who had been injured, wandered off and was put in an asylum. Where another inmate first took her for … Continue reading

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Lezflirt: The Inspirational Suzie Sexpert aka Susie Bright

Suzie Sexpert was the byline on the Toys for Us column in the lesbian magazine On Our Backs. Susie Bright is the person behind the persona. Along with Dan Savage, she has been a prime shaper of my sexual attitudes. … Continue reading

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Glee: the Original Ending was Ballad of a Teenage Queen?

Broadway style no doubt….   but seriously?   Rachel with 2 stage fag dads giving up broadway for a guy?   why couldn’t he move and support her career?

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Channel your Inner Elvis with Olivia Newton John!

  Lisa Ferguson would bring her cassette player and the Grease soundtrack to school. She was a cute blonde with a stage mom. None of the boys would dance like John Travolta. I had been impersonating Elvis since I was … Continue reading

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Elvising in the New Year

These are the last 2 New Years Eve concerts that Elvis gave: This boot: Elvis Rocking the New Year was one of the first entire concerts that I heard and I think, it’s one of his best shows. enjoy: The … Continue reading

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Lezflirt101: The Campfire Rule

From “Hey Faggot!” to the current incarnation, “Savage Love”, the main premise of Dan’s advice is the Campfire Rule. Leave people and places in as good or better condition than when you encountered them.   My Lezflirt website was partially … Continue reading

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Elvis Gak: The Love Me Tender Concert Tour Book

There were 4 tour books from the 50s and many years ago, I found this one in a comic book shop in Langley BC. I asked if they had anything Elvis. “I have one thing, it’s costs too much.” “What … Continue reading

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Webseries Cancelled: Agoraphobic Cul De Sacked

I am putting my house for sale in January. so I won’t be on this street much longer well it’s one way to directly confront the issue of having to be out from under the roof

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What is Royal Really?

Royal Families of Europe? I hear Banjos.   Isn’t it funny how America was founded on the idea of non-hereditary rule and being an individual not subjected to the whims of the nobility. when all they did was reset the … Continue reading

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