Elvis Gak: The Love Me Tender Concert Tour Book

Nina and EP tour book

There were 4 tour books from the 50s and many years ago, I found this one in a comic book shop in Langley BC.

I asked if they had anything Elvis.

“I have one thing, it’s costs too much.”

“What is it?”I asked, breathlessly.


He went to the back of the store, through the door. I waited.

He returned with this slender volume.

“how much?” I could barely breath and my temperature had risen.

“$35 dollars.”


I almost laughed as I pulled out my credit card.

“It’s mine.”


Elvis tour book cover


Elvis description

Elvis photo  8 + 9 Elvis photo 1 Elvis photo 10  + 11 Elvis photo 12  + 13 Elvis photo  2 + 3 Elvis photo  4 + 5 Elvis photo  6 _ 7


Elvis back cover

Love Me Tender was Elvis’ first feature film

He was in the Louisiana Hayride television pilot, which is rumored to be in colour – but nothing has shown up but. this audio wired recording has surfaced – you have to go to more than half into the video, the guy who uploaded it enjoys random speculation for unclear reasons




– as well as the short film Pied Piper in Cleveland: Day in the Life of a Disc Jockey – Bill Randall. who referenced this on Elvis’ tv appearance on the Dorsey Brothers show. This was apparently broadcast on Cleveland Tv, but again, no film has surfaced so far. Last  I heard, it was rumored that a European collector had it.




Elvis pied piper of cleveland

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