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because essays are evergreen links, eh,. what blogs were before they became online magazines.

History and current events are rife with examples of one dominate religion or ethnic group stomping on the necks of a minority religion or ethnic group with the result being if not civil war, then prolonged violent outbursts, more suppression and the seemingly never ending cycle which basically stops progress and development in it’s tracks.

Except that I can think of two minority groups that are deemed at best second class citizens, who are limited in their participation and one of whom has active and vocal opposition in being included in basic rights.


Does discrimination lead to becoming a terrorist? | Nina’s GardenI had an Ah Ha moment reading an article which was about watching media dance around ethnicity and religion issues when an event like the Fort Hood shooting occurs. Basically, that everyone is bend…ntrygg.wordpress.com

Pamela Mitchell3 hours ago

I have come to believe that this is a human condition and never will change.1 Reply

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

there are two demographics who do not use voilence to advance their message. LGBTQ and Humanists. which does not mean they are free of prejudice as those are who would genocide us and withhold reduce and even remove rights as religiously motivated people do. so what is different is not pretending those who genocide have a point of view is a start #LestWeForget?

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