An Ordinary Canadian, eh

making a difference
Nina and Canadian War on Queers
Update - 155 pounds, reversed diabetes, eliminated sleep apena and learned to control panic attacks Agoraphobic Diary stepped on the scale today and I have now lost 135 pounds by eating raw/vegetarian foods with a small portion of grain based foods the photo of my in the white shirt is my 44th birthday and the close up is a recent image
Nina Coast Guard Certification

: Angles and Xtra West Vancouver LGBTQ2 newspapers or back then “gay and lesbian” until bisexuals were not supposed to be deemed tourists and transgender inclusive community, which now needs to add asexuals and frankly kinky heterosexuals. we need more people on our side, we have rights because that is how rights work and it starts with people who recognize that, like PFLAG eh.

Nina Angles
circa 2006
RDG circle of excellence


agoraphobic philosopher happy childhood

this blog is on hold, pending the curse of andy warhol. eh.

Art and Activism Intersect

Posted on March 27, 2019by dykewriter

The Grandview Street Blue Art Tile Installation of east side activists from the 1990s Vancouver – the eastside – commerical drive The Drive Dykcouver. eh The video is a class assignment from UBC in 2019 and this video is from … Continue reading →

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