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The Manipulation of Empathy

‘Ex-lesbian’ who said going vegan cured her cancer dies from cancer MatthewMidbury  Vegan diet, with the added elimination of processed oil has been proven to cure all disease, slow the aging process, and reverse many effects of existing conditions. Every … Continue reading

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Courts: Law vs Public Opinion

The Public Opinion is as varied as there are demographics that form said views; popular being merely the mob majority Of which history demonstrates, must not be trusted, since, if they could work and play well with others, the idea … Continue reading

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Children at the Zoos and on the Farms

A family with kids walked in on male lions getting affectionate at the zoo Nina Trygg  so, it;s okay for the Denmark zoo to shoot a viable giraffe in front of children instead of sending it somewhere else to maintain … Continue reading

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The Rubber hits the Gritty Road: Roadkill Jesus

Michael Kennedy  Nina Trygg • a day ago did Jesus, himself do social harm, Nina, just askin? Nina Trygg  Michael Kennedy • 2 minutes ago Jesus did not exist, however social harm is certainly done in said name. so my answer to your question is slightly … Continue reading

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The Abyss in a Manila Envelope

Today in the post mail, a manila envelope from the Canada Human Rights Commission. The last time I got government mail, the letter was dated a month before the envelope was post marked. I will open it tomorrow. Meanwhile. This … Continue reading

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Trolls vs Intersectionality – a Proportionality Lession

RainbowPhoenix • Please, everything I’ve read says that Billy was just as much a homophobe as his son. Nina Trygg  religion is mental illness conferring upon it kindness is part of the social disease RainbowPhoenix  You’re just as vile as the … Continue reading

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Worst President No Longer Gay

consider the blog headline vs the LGBTQ Nation News one: America’s first gay president is no longer the worst one according to historians Nina Trygg  He’s the best at being worst, fastest to last place; while still in office jomicur  … Continue reading

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