Elvisverse: Elvis and Charlie Hodge


Charlie Hodge was a singer in a quartet on the southern gospel circuit, when he got drafted and landed at Fort Hood at the same time as Elvis.

Army Elvis n Charlie

Unlike the other guys around Elvis, who in the 50s, were cousins and high school pals, Charlie had a career and then chased Elvis to play second banana and ultimately, the water and scarf guy.


He lived at Graceland more than most of the other guys, who eventually had enough entertainment industry contracts to leave Elvis from time to time for their own careers.

Charlie gave up a promising career of his own and continued touring as the water scarf guy I knew Elvis until his own death.

Charlie yuks up Elvis big glasses

I remember listening to the 68 special soundtrack and finding Elvis singing about no guitar strap funny. Until I saw the video on VHS and saw that it was Charlie singing that line to cajole Elvis out of a bad to explosive temper tantrum.

Elvis in the round

The King’s court jester, eh?


Charlie with pink scarf


heard about a gay version of Are you Lonesome tonight, and again listening to it. there is nothing gay.


then I found this on youtube:


when I watch this, it seems more like an insider joke than anything else eh?


see also:


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