Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

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Elvis filled in the blank lines of his parent’s marriage certificate with his own name and that of “Magdline” Morgan, a girl he knew from church. He wrote in September 11th as the date of their marriage.

elvis_magdalene_morgan-main magdalenemorgan13b-213x403

This all was a big surprise, 50 years later, to Magdalene, when she heard about it. She commended: ” It was just a very sweet relationship. At that time, if you just held hands, it was very serious. And we did hold hands a lot”.

Magdalene Morgan died in February, 2012.



1940s Tupelo school grounds “Elvis likes you” was the playground taunt to make girls cry.

book_burk_tupeloyears book_earlyelvis_thehumesyears book_burk_sunyears

Bill E. Burke was a Memphis Reporter who covered Elvis’ early career – his slim volumes and columns have yet to be collected in a proper hard cover must own.

He watched Elvis change from the insecure boy who didn’t sing like anyone else into a depressed middle aged depressed man. The slender sexy sex symbol, a closet prude who turned to food and self medication.

Elvis Presley was basically Gladys – emotional and sensitive, drawn to bright colours.

Elvis revered his mother, ensuring no other woman was going to compare and he had that Girls you Marry and Girls you have fun with. he had girls girls and women throwing themselves at him.

Elvis, like a lot of males, prefer the inexperienced younger girls so that do not pale in comparison in the women’s experience.

He was not a pedophile – he was not into children – which is under the age of 12.

More than his own hang ups and his worrying about what his Mother would think, he also had Col. Parker not willing to blow this goldmine on some girl. The last thing Elvis’s 1950s career could have survived was a pregnant teen or one claiming he forced her.

Yes., Priscilla was 14 and he was 21. He was staying in a 5 year age range and came from a culture where marrying your 13 year old second or first cousin, state depending was not something you talked about on the street, but certainly over the back yard fence washday morning back stoop talk.

Post celebrity, Elvis was dating up socially speaking, compare to where he’d come from.

He did date women in their 20s and 30s through his own 30s and at 41, turned 42, his ego was pleased with having a 19 year old girlfriend – legal consent age in every state – and Ginger Alden wasn’t a virgin.

I am trying to imagine how a 19 year old boy feels to lose his girl to a 42 year old rock star; but that Elvis, said 42 year old rock star egos was such that he considered that teenaged boy a threat is mindboggling.

But Ginger Alden was not really going to be Mrs Presley, George Klien already had a replacement lined up and the other guys were also scouting about throwing someone more like Linda Thompson – who’s brother was there on August 16 to take Lisa Marie back to LA.

Elvis himself basically had lesbian sex, and I find it astonishing how many of the Memphis Mafia guys who got the spillover had told all those “Elvis got us to do XXXXXX”.


51lgXlC86FL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ 200px-ElvisandGladysbook

There are well over a thousand publisher printed books about Elvis Presley – his fame was one of the most photographed and documented careers ever – how this curious Hillbilly Family went from a shotgun shack to rooming houses to government housing to the Suburbs to the Big Mansion.

Most of the Elvis books cover that Memphis part of the story and not so much the time spent in Tupelo.

This is the best book that talks about Elvis and Gladys – it make several references to their known special relationship. That southern euphemism.



Aug 14, 1997 – Bill Miller claims that for two decades he’s kept his vow to Elvis not to divulge the … sexual abuse Elvis suffered from [his mother] Gladys throughout his childhood …. 1 TSA agent ‘molested‘ college student at LaGuardia Airport …

The King’s troubling obsession: Elvis could have any …

Mar 29, 2010 – Beloved: Elvis was close to his mother Glady, centre, pictured … just as he faced allegations of child molestation with the involvement of …

Nov 7, 2013 – And if the claim that Elvis Presley, the biggest star rock and roll has ever known, slept with his mother wasn’t enough, Dee’s book made the …


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51W9HgiPz4L 51kawwmWtYL._SX347_BO1,204,203,200_lennon - goldman

Albert Goldman spent 5 years researching his troll biography of Elvis and despite all the orgy parties and homemade porn movies – which these films he alleged have yet to appear in the collector circles – didn’t even hint at Gladys/Elvis incest.

Dee Stanley’s same era “Elvis we love you tender” was milder than Goldman’s book, not more as she claimed – but Dee Stanley did appear on a Geraldo Rivera program and made the allegation on air. JD Sumner, who knew Gladys was appalled

Joe Esposito laughed at her and also denied her claim of a miscarriage – Dee claimed when she told Vernon she was pregnant that he accused her of cheating with Elvis on him, that she was so distraught she ran, fell and had a miscarriage.  That was when Elvis was dating Anita Wood before and after the army.

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