Funny Seach Terms 4

There is certainly a curious theme going on for a lesbian blog:

  • prince symbol name
  • the breakfast club poster
  • milton berle size inches
  • elvis with a cat
  • high quality sexdolls


  •  elvis presley karaté
  • duck and sheep
  • elvis presley with maori
  • planet 9


  • pro vegetarian meme
  • guitar with name on top
  • film de pe alfa omega buble buble


  • actress armour
  • 1trump cult
  • 170’s big wheel jump
  • lisa marie presley and peter steele


I am really unsure what a number of those search terms are referring to and am at a bit of a loss to connect them with my blog – Dykewriter.

Dykewriter has a few sub-blogs and spans Humanities, History, Pop Culture on my good days and Elvis Presley on my bad days because he’s pretty much the last thing that I enjoy about the world, other than coffee and chocolate. Two beans and one full of, eh? Lol.

Trying to get my sense of humour back and it’s always been a bit gallows as Lezzie Bruce aka The Shut-in Stand-up.

I keep shuffling the index pages or blogdexes around depending on which ones are in active and which are archived.


  • 56,459 hits


my original blog before Firefox updated and I lost my password:

Nina’s Garden

  • 125,593 Visits

Living Well

Wellness and Dopamine Hits

  • 74,350 hits

the shut-in stand-up


  • 13,839 hits

Lez Flirt

Confessions of a teenaged poet

Wandering Souls

  • 1,180 hits




074,350  ~199,943

069,176 ~~~~        340,597

056,459 ~  125,635

013,839       ~~    140,654

001,180 ~ 015,019


340,597 blog hits, that’s more than my freebie fanpage sites for Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Sims video game, the Lezflirt site with blog expansion classes; and my photos/painting/writing got on Tripod and Angelfire and who knows who all else back in the early geek era of the internet. I had 250,000 ish over the lavender productions hosted site I had before I removed it and recycled that content here. 

Nina’s Comics

When I came up with this idea, I envisioned it as a Far Side cartoon. I worked at a Vancouver print shop where I met Melanie Covey, a cool gal and a student at Capilano College’s multi media program. I … Continue reading


Note to self – drawings n sketches

Back to the drawing board since writing is just a skill I have and not a part of my identity anymore   disillusion despair terror fear anxiety Writer Chat 157: The Hierarchy of Writers Nina (canada) scripts are not novels, do not … Continue reading

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