Sub-Blog: Our Daily Elvis

I’ve decided to do a dedicated Elvis blog in addition to this one.

It’s the Daily Elvis that is being re-located here:

so from here:

Give Us this DAY our Daily Elvis


Elvis from the waist up Jan 6

The Elverse: Elvis’ birthday (Jan 8)

Elvis and The JayCee Award – Jan 16

Elvis: Performing, Studio and no show – Jan 22


Elvis and Suicide/Murder (Feb 4)

Elvisworld: Feb 6

Daily Elvis Tantalizers: Bossa Nova Baby (feb 8)

Agoraphobic Diary: Feb 9 2015

Buddy Holly opened for Elvis Feb 13

Give Us This Valentines Our Daily Elvis 

Our Daily Elvis: Laugh Therapy (feb 14)

Elvis: Reel to Real feb 18

Give us this Day – Feb 18, 2014 – Our Daily Elvis


Our Daily Elvis: Head Injuries (march 9)

Our Daily Elvis – March 26 Elvis @ car crash scene



Agoraphobic Diary – Apr 10, 2015

PhilosopherWatch: Elvis Presley (april 13 – Polio Shot)

Give us this day – April 20 – Our Daily Elvis


Aloha Elvis…. Aloha (may 13)

He was the One May 16

Presley Pictures: Star and then Starring Vehicles May 21

Elvis and Priscilla (May 24)

Our Daily Elvis: from bullied weirdo to King May 30



Presley Pictures: What if he’d been in The Rainmaker? (june 2)

Lezflirt: Priming the Pump with Florals (june 7)

Vancouver Views: Jane Fonda dares VPD to arrest her (june 13)

Give us this day June 26 our daily Elvis



LezFlirt: – are robots the ultimate safe sex? (jul 2)

Give Us This July 5 Our Daily Elvis

Was Elvis Presley REALLY A Black Belt? (july 21)

Give Us this day July 25 – our Daily Elvis

Give Us This Day – July 26 – Our Daily Elvis

Give us this day July 30 Our Daily Elvis (Overton Shell)

Give Us this day July 31 our daily Elvis (Iconic LP cover and Return to stage)


ElvisWorld – Bodyguard Book Day Aug 4

Pragmatic vs Dreams Aug 5

The Daily Elvis Review August 6

Give Us This Day – August 8 – Our Daily Elvis

Agoraphobic Life Coach:Elvispirations – take me to the fair (aug 8)

Elvisworld: From Government Projects to the Big Man House (Aug 11)

Elvis World: Remembering Gladys Love Presley

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 14, 2014

August 15, 1977 The Last Elvis photo

Blue Moon 2013 Aug 19

When The Beatles met Elvis  (Aug 25)

Give Us Today The Laughing Version (aug 26)


Elvis’ Worst Ever Concert  aug 28

Elvis at Empire Stadium – Our Daily Elvis (Aug 31)

When Elvis Shook Up Canada, eh


Elvis World: Desert Storm & The Priscilla Monolog Our Daily Elvis Sept 2

Our Daily Elvis – It’s Midnight the Listen Cilla Version (sept 2)

Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys? (sept 4)

Elvis: Heel vs Hero Sept 7

Katz Drugstore Launches Hillbilly Cat: Ironic or Iconic? (Sept 8/9)

Give us this Day: The Daily Elvis Break Down (sept 17)

Traffic Safety Day with Elvis (sept 20)

Produced by Elvis Presley: The Lesser Known Side of Elvis (Sept 22)

ElvisWorld: Elvis and Jackie Wilson (Sept 29)

Elvis World: Elvis and the Movies that Could have been (Sept 30)


ElvisWorld – There’s Bulls and then there’s Bullshit Oct 1

Daily Elvis: Country to the Grave (oct 2)

ElvisWorld: Elvis in Concert: The CBS Final Special (oct 3)

Elvis and Peter Parker – Love Child? (Oct 6) John O’Grady

Lezflirt ElvisStyle: Penny Banner: Girl Wrestler (Oct 7)

Elvis Presley was a blonde (Kissin Cousins Production 2 weeks in 1963)

ElvisWorld: Divorce Day (oct 9)

Elvisworld: Elvis vs Bill Haley (Oct 16, 20)

Rock n Roll vs The Courtroom (Oct 18/19)

ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland Oct 20

ElvisWorld: Blue Moon Boy Bassist – Bill Black Oct 21

Our Daily Elvis: Tech Gadget History Oct 26


Our Daily Elvis: Glasses Nov 2

ElvisWorld: Wild In the Country (Nov 7)

Elvis World From SUN to RCA (Nov 11)

Give Us This Day – November 15 – Our Daily Elvis

ElvisWorld: When Elvis Met Liberace – Nov 16

Elvis World: The Killer (Nov 23 – Jerry Lee visits)

Recognizing Quackery (nov 27)


Real Music and Covered Music – Dec 6

Elvis and Evangelists Dec 12

Daily Elvis: Santa and Reindeer Dec 16

Presley – Nixon Summit 45th Anniversary Dec 21

Elvis Presley and Speed Dec 23

Our Daily Elvis – Christmas Eve

The Day Elvis did LSD Dec 26

Elvis and Sony West (Dec 28 – SuperFly Flashlight)

ElvisWorld: New Year 1976 Dec 31



ReligionWatch: All or None

Here’s where the snickering must stop. Should government at any level in the United States accord members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the same rights they would grant, say, the Amish, Orthodox Jews, or Catholic nuns? Absolutely … Continue reading


ReligionWatch: Presleytarian Extremist Fringe


51KZXP4G5CL._AC_UL320_SR226,320_ 51rmasQckyL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_


ReligionWatch: The Elvis Cult or Presleytarians


BC_TheSeekerKing_1 51V4KW7C22L._SX306_BO1,204,203,200_elvis-lo-150

Why Elvis is better than religion

book_rodman 41DsHXksqQL._SX292_BO1,204,203,200_


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