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Dear LGBTQ2:

United we exit. Divided Genocided Radical trans activists are tearing the LGBT community apart – The Post MillennialAn LGBT healthcare professional speaks out about the radical trans movement.www.thepostmillennial.com i reserved commenting as I was seeking other people’s opinions before fully … Continue reading

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Equality of Thoughts and Personhood

1970 The new feminist movement in America, led by Betty Friedan, staged a nationwide Women’s Strike for Equality. Manuel Santiago A penny for her thoughts  nina tryggvason7 minutes ago I remember that, i think most of the women in that … Continue reading

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Personality and Occupational Types, eh

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/the-one-with-all-the-terrorism-posts/ The One with all the Terrorism Posts | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxNina From Canada, eh+2 Operation Paperclip Lest We Forget, but since we did #LestWeForget Joan Poh I read up on Operation Paperclip….so that’s how Nazi ideology infiltrated into … Continue reading

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Dixie Chicks vs Taylor Swift

I stopped listening to country and western music after kd lang and the New Traditionalist wave of the 1990s. so when this happened: and male rock stars were allowed to say anything they wanted but women could not and women … Continue reading

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Religion is mental illness and needs to be listed in the manual. eh.

no. but this is religion being mental illness – bothered people exist.religion is not history, not medical science and not biology. it is a cultural product of shared values and why we don’t have nice things like rights in most … Continue reading

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Self Identity vs Public Perception

no attention seeking celebrity, you do not get to define anything. when was Miley Cyrus ever actually queer? other than for show biz reasons questioning and open to are queerbaiting, thinking you might be and in public is for publicity. … Continue reading

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Identify the Problem: Bigotry

how about anti-queer and anti-women I think we can, because it is always the same people hating all the others, eh overdue, vulnerable demographics unite against the righteous, they are not right #LestWeForget meanwhile; go scary teenagers go! onno doove: Her … Continue reading

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