Dear LGBTQ2:

United we exit. Divided Genocided

Radical trans activists are tearing the LGBT community apart – The Post MillennialAn LGBT healthcare professional speaks out about the radical trans

i reserved commenting as I was seeking other people’s opinions before fully forming my view.

I joined this office on the understanding it was for discussion without censorship

and on this and several other matters

the silence and lack of dialog across the LGBTQ2 is why we are being genocide in many nations and soon to be the west as well

unless we can work together.


the planet is doomed, eh

Record 200,000 people march in Taipei LGBT pride parade | Most Viewed | FOCUS TAIWAN – CNA ENGLISH NEWSTaipei, Oct. 26 (CNA) A record-breaking 200,000 people marched through Taipei Saturday in a vivid and exciting annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride parade, calling for the public to embrace the LGBT community, especially now that same-sex marriage has been legalized in

Ugandan LGBT activists subjected to ‘forced anal exams’ after gay sex arrests | Metro News16 LGBT activists arrested amid increase in homophobic incidents in the

A new ‘lesbian, gay and bisexual alliance’ group is facing backlash for being anti-transThe group claim to “assert the rights of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted” while excluding trans

Ex-soldier insists he’s ‘100% straight’ despite earning £1k-a-day as gay porn star – and his girlfriend ‘doesn’t care’ – The SunA FORMER soldier insists he’s “100 per cent straight” despite earning up to  £1,000 a day as a gay porn star. Daniel McGraffin, from Wigan, says his girlfriend is comfortable with his unusual caree…

For a conservative city, Beijing has a remarkable gay nightlife – Destination’s journeyA four-storey club is a magnet for LGBT Chinesewww.economist.comShare

New Zealand’s gay ambassador to South Korea just made historyThe gay New Zealand ambassador to South Korea has made history as the first foreign diplomat to visit Blue House with a same-sex partner.

Mayor Pete: not doing well with African Americans because he’s gay? – CNN VideoWhy does Buttigieg have such lower poll numbers among black voters? Focus groups conducted by his campaign suggest it might be his sexual

well when one publicly dates only men it is easy to see why eh

and discrimination is across the spectrum in all areas of employment and housing

Amber Heard Says She’s Faced Discrimination For Being Bisexual“LGBTQ+ people deserve a government that protects us and sends the message that we are not broken. Because we’re not.”

and this would be the other.. consent is only meaningful when informed

Bisexual man questions whether to tell his fiancée about his sexualityA bisexual man has questioned whether to tell his female fiancée about his sexuality before his wedding day in a starting write-in to a UK advice columnist.

Bisexuality: Diving into the shades of sexual orientation | Opinion | manoanow.orgI am bisexual. I have always somehow known throughout my life. It sounds simple, but if I never had any hesitation about who I felt attracted to, why did

ICE Deleted Footage of Transgender Migrant’s Death | Phoenix New TimesICE deleted video of Roxsana Hernández, a transgender migrant who spent time in an Arizona detention center before her

Why Bisexual People Face Unique Dating Challenges | Psychology TodayFinding love can be especially difficult for bisexual

in a phrase “no one worth fucking” … as to the why some chose to say no thanks eh

Asexuality isn’t celibacy or abstinence. Here’s what it is — and isn’t – CNNAsexuality has made some strides in the mainstream consciousness in recent years, but the identity is often still

asexual is the queerest of orientations, eh

Asexual Is Queer And Gatekeeping Is Not LiberationAsexuality would also be better understood if we expanded and reformed our understanding of queerness

Meet the asexual lingerie model who’s not here to turn anybody onProud asexual Yasmin Benoit loves being a lingerie model and is tired of defending her sexuality against stereotypes that assume what asexuality looks

so no one was missing because justice of the peace does civil law civilly

The Only Person Missing at This Lesbian Wedding Was a PriestMaria Gambatese’s recently-deceased brother, Father Angelo, represented the best of


sex, sexuality, sexual orientation gender gender expression sex vs gender

combined with ethnicity and other differences humans fret and fetish over

fearing that someone somewhere is having fun and human contact

Dear Rachel Dolezal, NO and also No Fucking Way, eh

Posted on July 17, 2019by dykewriter

Dear Rachel Dolezal, your application for LGBTQ2 inclusion is rejected. Rachel Dolezal shares that she’s bisexual during Pride MonthRachel Dolezal, the woman who “self identifies” as black and stepped down from a senior NAACP post in 2015, says on … Continue reading →

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