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Being your own client

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I know a lawyer who represents themselves has a fool for a client, but what is it when the therapist has themselves as a client?

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Free Will

That the observer actually effects an outcome in the quantum world suggests to some that we have Free Will, but an unintended impacted with unpredictable results suggests not so much Free Will as much as chaos theory.

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Art Receptors

  anything is only as shallow or as deep as the viewer’s capacity to make connections between their knowledge of the world and the world of the art

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Vancouver’s Gay Village just got gayer!

Bute and Davie – Canada’s First Rainbow Crosswalk Took a trip downtown Vancouver today and had to see the new crosswalk!

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Reality, Dreams, Fantasies and Delusions

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I lost my mannerisms – vocal and gestural….

this explains a lot…   combined with my speech impediment, stuttering when nervous and my dyslexia impaired brain function   it’s only with encouragement and support that my confidence is being restored and with it, my personality emerging from the … Continue reading

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Starting the day with coffee and warm fuzzies


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