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Goodbye Internet

When I lost my ability to communicate with people, I turned to familiar sites on the internet.   Zoetrope and The Writer’s Building – links in the navbar.   It helped to talk to people who had no idea about … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday #7 – great $ 0.99 deals & freebies

Originally posted on Made by Meghan:
Note: Every Friday I’m going to (attempt to) list any great looking books or deals I’ve come across earlier in the week. Often, I won’t have read these books myself yet – seeing as…

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Screenplay: A Gay In the Life Of

this is the backstory to the 3 day novel, Why Do Mannequins have Nipples but I wrote it later… wait.. no all my scripts are inter-related     the earlier logline was: Against a backdrop of a homophobic double murder, … Continue reading

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Screenplay: Killer Clique

Killer Clique by Nina Tryggvason (c) 2006 Lavender Productions   I think that this is the actual last original script I wrote. I tweaked earlier ones for a while. EXT. LOVER’S LANE – FRIDAY NIGHT A wooded bluff over looking … Continue reading

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King Covers: Elvis vs Ral Donner

The Girl of My Best Friend was originally recorded by   Ral’s biggest hit: It made the list of sentimental songs for Elvis is Back     later copycat hit  

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Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance I hope the beaverton is the canadian the onion but Poe’s law hard to determine if something is genuine extremism or parody of it now stating the patently obvious cognitive dissonance resolve or cliche statements about shared reality passed … Continue reading

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Not The Tories: They are C-CRAP

First there was The Tories: The Progressive Conservative Party. Then: There was THE REFORM PARTY   Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party.   I think the meme conversation had spillover   no wonder it’s hard to concentrate, eh?  co-ordinate…..   yes.. … Continue reading

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Women Divided

we fall united we stand in any normal human population, women are 51%. In male favored cultures, female infanticide or abandonment is the norm. In religious dominated that means girl babies are born and murdered. In tech savvy but ideology … Continue reading

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there be monsters, but who makes them?

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
Who makes the monsters? Nature, nurture, nurture, nature? What causes one person to become a monster and other people their victims? It’s said that people who are bullies and abusers are either past victims…

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Adaptive Humans and cognitive dissonance

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
Humans are pretty adaptive and can thrive in slavery circumstances – as long as there is no social cognitive dissonance telling them that they are not slaves. Being forced to pretend your condition is…

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