Be Prepared

Emergency Preparedness and Understanding the science of disasters

My professional background includes being a Federal Government of Canada’s Pacific Regional Emergency Preparedness Administration Officer, (at three Departments) which included a range of responsibilities, including once being on the Pacific Region’s Inter-Departmental Committee.

My educational background includes earth science, emergency preparedness/incident command, and post event investigation and debrief

Nina ERT kit Nina Coast Guard Certification

Outbreak: Understanding Flu Deaths

Radiation the Glowing

Earth Quakes Italy

ScienceWatch: AIDs update

Trump is Dangerous – Climate Change

Fireworks: Light & Sound – Explosives, chemicals and sound dangers

CanCon: Michael Bublé – neighbourhoods and drainage

Climate Change Maladaption

HateCrimeWatch: Kelli Ellard

How Discrimination Works

Activists vs Professionals

Canada: Parliament Hill Shooting

Adulting: doing it wrong

Earthwatch: Fluidic Dynamics

EarthWatch: Crustal Action

In Truth News

Backyard Birding: Bird 1st Aid

How to read for comprehension

Food Review: Powerplant Bars

Passion vs Planned Crimes

When Acronyms Become Words… earthquakes at fault

Bugs and More Bugs

Anti-Septic vs Anti-biotic

School Shooting in Canada

Forces and Density: Applying Science

Destructive Atmospherics: Tornado

Burning Barns and Horses

What to do about Terrorism?


Queers for the Win – Discrimination & Terror

TerrorWatch: California, USA     The Dreaded Office Party

Job Interviewing: Volunteering

Turning Job Tasks into Interview Skills

National Security in a Digital World

Terrorism: Of One or Of Many

Vancouver City Sandbagging Seawall

Survivalists vs Preparers

Halloween Safety Tip: Glow Sticks

Disaster Preparedness: @ Home with Professionals

The Traffic/Bridges Posts

Deny Delay and Discuss: Disasters and Catastrophic Evolution

National Preparedness Month

Preparedness: Emergency to Disaster then Recovery

Emergencies: Preparation includes Business Resumption

Building Codes vs Emergency Preparedness

Media Workplace Shooting Broadcast over Social Media

Disaster Management Is a Science

Water Water everywhere Who has a drop to drink?

Car Tools – seatbelt cutter/window smasher 2 in 1 (see below)

Engineering: From Design to Disaster

Your Home is Full of Vampires

The Fire Hatrick: Going So Beyond Will

Job Interviewing: Framing and Contextualizing Information

The World of Microbes: Where Life Began in the dirt or ice or volcanic medium

Reception: How May I help you?

Suspect Mail and Packages Indentifiers

The Wave Force of Sound

Religion is why we can’t have nice things (re: Global Disaster Warning sensing system)

the Funny Side of Washing Your Hands

Know Your Face Masks

The State of Global Disaster Monitoring and Warnings is not yet Star Trek

Colds and Flus: No Longer Seasonal, eh?

Securing the Unfriendly Skies

First Aid: Tea Tree Oil

Disaster Preparedness: Tsunami

3rd time: Score – Flu Shot Objective Achieved

Suspect Mail and Packages Indentifiers

Preparing For Emergencies

Home Preparedness: Portable Power

Emergencies: Building Evacuations

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

Emergency House Kits: Wind Up Radio

the hour of tv that could save your life

When Emergency Preparedness and History Knowledge Collide

Let There Be Light: Emergency Preparedness Tools

Disaster United

Preparedness: Epi2Pan-Demics is not academics anymore

Preventing Violence with your life

Volcanoes a personal interest story

it’s about safety

The Nature of Force

New to the Blogroll: The Great Anti-Vaxxer Debunk

We lose to the bugs

Eyjafjallajökull might have bought us some cooling time

Preparing For Emergencies

The Electric Slide that can save your life

New to the blogroll – Debunking Climate Change Denial

diabetes on the breath

How to wash your hands

Want to improve health? wash your hands

Battered Women entitled to murder?

Cow farts and Global Warming

Comparative Horror
3 day novel contest: Going Postal


Lister’s Cold


from my original blog:

Mitigating Disasters is what Emergency Preparedness is

Disaster Preparedness is a Federal Responsibility and an International Concern


Remaining People in a Crisis

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